Civil Project Engineer


  • Project Engineering/Client Servicing/Consulting For Federal Consent Decree Compliance In Steel Industry, Municipal/Private Wastewater Systems and Private Emergency Restoration, Other Violation Ratification


  • Accomplished/Respected Expert Witness and Consultant/Prepare Technical Evidence/Conduct Research and Reporting on Defendant and Plaintiff Cases with Repeat Clientele Servicing Exceeding 20 Years


  • Current Environmental Regulatory and Design/Management in Leading and Upcoming LEED Introduced Criteria/Initiatives, Hazardous-RCRA, Full NEPA, State and Local Adaptation and Special Code Compliance with Professional Development/Continuing Education Exceeding 35 Hours/Year. Understanding and knowledgeable within Latest “Cloud” Networking/Related Computing IT Configuration with Social Networking/Utilization Enhancing Proficiency and




Led and Positioned as Adept Consultant in Assembling the Qualified Team for Major Design/Build and Negotiated Civil Engineering/Environmental Projects. Client interfacing/comprehending client’s need/quality team assembly with programming of tasks including initial due diligence/costing/feasibility, cost and financial visions, remedy/rectification on major civil disasters including sanitary sewer conveyance, treatment failures/geotechnical , structural emergencies, slope and structure failures, dam and spillway designs and major geotechnical oversights.

Consultant and Lead on Numerous Recycle and Industrial Waste Innovations. Team builder/leadership for pilot plant studies for waste beer/vinegar recycle with China oversea sales and offer, rendering plant waste, dairy, beverage, waste oil/grease/bulk storage, recycle asphalt shingle (RAS) for roadway. Led/oversight of accountant, legal, laboratory, research, university PhD, sales and other key constituent. Consultant/designer for engineering firm clientele on new grass roots and retrofit waste water facility components/process exceeding 60 MGD in plant capacity. Project Design Civil Leader on Major Retrofit and New Grass Roots Industrial and Military Projects. Initial proposal/manpower projection and costing development, contract, through complete preliminary and final site planning in areas of steel, tobacco, military base studies and closure consultation, refuse/waste to energy, brown field and disturbed mining, aluminum, power energy, unloading facilities, food, precious metal recovery, and automotive.

Project/Client Manager on Small to Very Large Commercial, Municipal, Private, Civil and Utility Projects. Lead on all applicable tasks including initial client win of project, scoping most economical and quality solution, site due diligence investigations, budget/proposal/contract, mentoring staff, oversee manpower and efficiency in preliminary and final designs, QA/QC compliance, handle or delegate regulatory compliance, construction

management, erosion aspects, close out and client satisfaction/success with repeat work achieved.


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President/Consultant COMPANY

Warnat Engineering, Inc. DATES

2006-Current Client Service Manager J.B. Trimble, Inc. 2003-2006 Civil Consultant/PM Law Engineering, Inc. 2001-2003 Civil Consultant/PM EEFS Company, Inc. 1999-2001 Chief Office Engineer Gay, Strength & Assoc. (Formerly Gay & Martin) 1997-1999 President/Consultant Warnat Engineering Group 1992-1997 VP/Part Owner-Office PE American Environmental 1991-1992 Civil Project Manager Gay & Martin Engr. Co. 1987-1991

Project Design Engineer         Prime Consulting Firms     Prior to 1991 (Civil & Environmental With Emphasis on Wastewater/Water Engineering)







Warnat Engineering, Inc., Hoover, AL. - September 2006 to October 2013 - Doug Warnat, P.E. October 2013 to Present.

  • Manage team exceeding twelve for design, financial, staff and consultant resources delivering state of the art emergency level and heavy civil project solutions for private, state and municipal clientele. University teaming on environmental grants. Mentoring engineering college

engineering student, CAD and Inspectors. Served as consultant for other engineering firms in transportation and waste water areas both training, leading and design. Consult/rectify and clear owner of notice of violation, non- compliance and fine in NPDES storm/wastewater areas.

  • Led on complicated design/build projects with prime contractors in heavy civil emergency/critical Repeat service on expert witness/forensic civil consultation serving client and attorney. Performed advanced/innovative onsite wastewater treatment design/oversight utilizing over 20 years of technical skill development, low impact storm applications with LEED considerations, latest pervious pavement designs, wetlands, rain water harvesting and storm control. Designs utilized latest 3D capabilities in AutoCAD and Carlson Civil third party for high quality design development.
  • Led construction management efforts including monitoring erosion control aspects and regulatory compliance, including full NEPA criteria compliance and most levels of local, state and federal storm and site permit
  • Hydrological and hydraulic design with US Army Corp of Engineer and applicable regulatory Proficient in over twenty-five (25) leading water resource design software programs plus, PCASE, AutoCAD, 2011 IntelliCAD, 2011 Carlson Civil, Quick Books, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Microsoft Office Systems, array of latest/leading structural steel and concrete programs, geotechnical and GIS applications.

J.B   Trimble, Inc., Birmingham, AL. – March 2003 to September 2006

  • Consultant secured for purposes of team leading and advisement for creation/development of a new civil and wastewater-utility /environmental department for the Birmingham office. Duties included business/client development, office and QA/QC structuring, securing champion staff, resources and teaming with main Atlanta Led in standards and QA/QC implementation. Acted as chief engineer on proposal/contract development, legal expert witness assignments on civil design implementation and project case solutions, major civil site projects including federal and grant works. Department consistently achieved positive income P/L denotation and corporate reviews. Department built then entire firm sold to larger engineering firm in 2006.


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Law Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc., Birmingham, AL- March 2001 to March 2003

  • Consultant to direct hire as lead project managing role to evaluate/re-structure, cost cut, financial oversight working with accounting and corporate accounting for entire telecommunication division with all working groups directly under branch manager’s authority. Groups with personnel exceeding fifty (50) were managed with major cost reduction programming and communication enhancement achieved. Major reduction (from 6 months to less than 90 days) DOS or days in outstanding invoice payment achieved for branch’s telecommunication division, quality of work product for groups including, extreme enhancement for basic record keeping, civil, structural, environmental wetlands/biology, endangered species, cultural resources, historical, archeology, surveying,

geotechnical were enhanced through QA/QC protocol introduction and oversight. Performed and took environmental and design roles to supplemental staff on industrial site development with client servicing. Corporate reviews on timeliness and quality was achieved. New telecommunication clients were obtained and work load increased with same staff. Staff was more comfortable and morale was increased. Additionally this position included scoping and leading the win on large industrial civil site project wins, utility projects, dam repair design/build, railroad three span bridge. Overall division profit multiplier was increased substantially during reign.

EEFS Company, P.C., Bessemer, AL – August 1999 to March 2001

  • Consultant hired to lead and take full engineering design “hands on” responsibility and management over four

(4) deficiently/disarrayed engineered, exceeding schedule with largely expended budget large projects including a 108 acre residential subdivision, commercial development, multi state park improvements and a over 6 million dollar sanitary sewer county rehabilitation projects. Assignment is to regain client confidence, develop a handle on costs and budget, manage back on schedule/implementation and successful complete with remaining budget for firm and client. Also established and introduced new standardization in office civil standards, specification, manpower scheduling, trained and mentored staff of over six (6) with 3D drafting/design utilizing AutoCAD/Carlson Civil and additional program and QA/QC implementation. Led on new proposal and contract standardization. Increased firm with new clientele and projects in business development role. Project managed/client servicing/led design utilizing innovative sanitary piping tunneling and pipe rehabilitation. Managed landfill re-permitting and construction management of various commercial site projects.

Gay, Strength & Associates, Inc. Homewood, AL – July 1997 to August 1999

  • Note: Employed with this firm also in past 5/87 through 8/91 with many accomplishments including over 15 million dollars in street and inner city street and infrastructure project engineering/managing staff and surveying crews over 16 employees). Through President’s contact he secured my assignment as Chief/Office Engineer to assist and help lead rebuilding and regain many loss clients from past engineering personnel dismissed. Major accomplishment was to regain lead clients such as the City of Homewood, many residential and commercial developers with many projects in disarray and in disarray. Served as QA/QC manager, interviewing/hiring of new employees, regaining qualified former employees and contract designers. Responsible for P/L and complete engineering division of firm. Statements were made, when president sold the firm in 1999, by the company accountant the firm had it highest profit during this realignment and reign during this employment

The Warnat Engineering Group, Hoover, AL – September 1992 to July 1997

  • President/Office Chief Engineer for complete design/built and negotiated commercial and municipal emergency sanitary and storm drainage projects. Led introduction of foreign new/innovative advanced onsite waste water treatment technology for single family to large commercial exceeding .1 MDG projects first in USA and Worked with Alabama Department of Public Health for securing technology approval. Designs were utilized in statewide sample demonstrations with advisor for constructed wetland consultation and demonstration. Performed SPCC plan and containment design for trucking, industrial and aircraft/airport facilities. Consultant for operation and maintenance manual development for engineering firm and served two other engineering firms as consultant on federal funded new/upgrade wastewater treatment facilities exceeding 20 MGD. Expert Witness.

American Environmental Engineering, Leeds, AL – August 1991 to September 1992

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