Telecommunication Technician

As a Project Coordinator and Telecom Technician in my previous positions, I direct all phases of Telecommunications Technician including basic telecom information, dismantle and install Telecommunication equipment, cable trays, ladder and rack(APM), swap 2G to 3G, install microwave dishes, DC power distribution, documents and labeling, Technical site survey, WCDMA DBS 3900 Huawei , climb all kind of tower such as ICB, monopole and all kind of roof top tower. Expert in site upgrading, tower grounding bar(TGB), microwave link information, Standard panoramic view of sectors, Changing Tower Lights.

Given the opportunity, I’m confident in my ability to growth both my skills and your company vision. Also, I’m willing to do whatever is necessary to be qualified for your company.

Last Resume Update September 1, 2017
Address Oakton
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Spanish Speaking? No
Willing to Relocate? Yes
Years Experience 3 years

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