Certificate of specialization

BSS Technician Maintenace (May 2016 – In present)

Mono Consultants Ltd, UK www.monoconsultants.com

Project based in London,UK
BTS maintenance +BTS commissioning.
Experienced in various transmission equipments installation and maintenance.
Strong Telecom and Networking background with hand one experience in 2G / 3G / 4G GSM networks.
First level site maintenance, fault troubleshooting, intimation, escalation and co-ordination with respective vendors to maintain maximum network up-time.

Telecommunications Technician (July2011- April 2016)
Alandick Romania Ldt. Bucharest,Romania. www.alandick.ro
KTL , Ireland. www.ktl.ie

Projects for Telekom (Romania) and Vodafone (Romania):
Maintenance and installation quality check.
Pre-installation and setup cabinets at the office prior to delivery on site.
Completing paperwork acceptance of the site, checklists quality assurance (audit) for each site installed.
Swap MW, RRU, RF antenna.
Installations and Commissioning MW (Ericsson TN and Huawei RTN).
Installations GSM/UMTS/LTE with equipment Ericsson and ZTE.
Commissioning and integration BTS- ZTE and Ericsson .
Project based in Belgium:
Replacing Nokia equipments with Huawei Equipments (Swap) for Belgacom (Proximus,) and Mobistar (Belgium).

Telecom radio technician/Site Supervisor(August2014 - December 2014)
Intelligent Solutions Service Ltd, Bucharest,Roamania. www.intelsol.ro
Relacom OY, Tampere end Turku, Finland . www.relacom.com

Project based in Finland: Project for TeliaSonera operator.
Swap 2G/3G and installation of new technology, 4G.
Equipment , NSN(Nokia Siemens Networks).
Install, uninstall (MW) links Nec–SIAE / RTN (Huawei).

Technician site supervisor (December 2008 – June 2011)
Signal Telecom Ltd. Bucharest Romania

Projects for Cosmote (Romania), RomTelecom(Romania), Rds - Rcs (Romania), Vodafone(Romania), STS (Special Telephone Service Romania): with equipment TN Ericssson, SPDH Alcatel, WIMAX.
Maintenance of radio equipment on site.
2G, 3G and MW: GSM installation equipments and MW, RF, RRU, TMA, feeder, IF cables, batteries, alarm and sensor in shelters.
Equipments –Ericsson, Alcatel, Nokia, ZTE, Huawei.
Equipment commissioning & integration (MW: (Mini link E, TN, Lucent, Melody, SPDH, Flexi Hopper, RTN) RBS).

Telecom radio technician/Site Supervisor(June 2008 – December 2008)
Intelligent Solutions Service Ltd, Bucharest,Roamania www.intelsol.ro
Relacom OY, Tampere and Turku, Finland . www.relacom.com

Project based in Finland: Project: 2G/3G and Radio Link (MW): For mobile operators:
Telia Sonera
T.F.S (Transport Rail Suomi)

Mobile operators in Finland (Turku and Tampere areas) Vendors: Ericsson and NSN

MW,RF,RRU,TMA equipment installation.

Antennas alignment according to site engineering file (azimuths, tilts, heights, etc).

Installation of RF feeders, wave guides or IF cables, from outdoor units to indoor or BTS.

Installation for connectors according to customer quality requests.

Installation for grounding kits for equipment and cables (feeders, etc).

Structured cabling installation (indoor).

Measurement for cables: Anritsu Site master (VSWR, Power meter, Return Loss and Distance to Fault).

Mw: (Ber Tester).

Telecommunications technician (April 2007 – June 2008)
Radio Transport Communication Ldt, Bucharest Romania . www.RTCommunication.ro

Projects for Cosmote (Romania) and RCS-RDS(Romania):
2G, 3G and MW: installation of GSM equipments and MW, RF, RRU, TMA, feeder, IF cables, batteries, alarm and sensor in shelters.
Equipments – Ericsson, Siemens, Alcatel, Huawei, Nokia..
Equipment commissioning & integration (MW: (Mini link, TN, SPDH, Flexi Hopper, RTN). RBS).

Climber & Radio technician (April 2005 – April 2007)
Mira Telecom Group Ldt , Bucharest, Romania. www.miratelecom.ro


Projects for Cosmote, Vodafone, Orange and Zapp – Romania

RF and MW : installation of GSM equipments.

MW antennas (Ericsson, Marconi SDH 155, Nec, Alcatel, Alvarion Breeze, Nokia).

Cabinets: Ericsson (RBS 2G/3G, Siemens (Node B), BBS.

Project for RDS&RCS:3G – Nokia, Huawei equipments.

Project for STS (Special Telephone Service Romania), MW –Alcatel (SPDH), equipments.

Climber & Radio technician (September 2002– February 2005)
RCA Group Ldt, Bucharest, Romania. www.rcagrup.ro


Projects for Vodafone and Zapp Romania:

RF and MW equipments installation.

GSM antennas (Andrew, Kathrein).

MW antennas (Ericsson, Marconi, Nec, Alvarion Breeze).

Feeder, IF cables, alarm cable, arrangement of equipments in BSS and RBS cabinets (outdoor and indoor). and the arrangement of alarm sensors ,connectors on RG58, RG 213, MR 400. IF cables.

Climbe and Install GSM Base Station and its system consisting of BTS. Sectored Antenna, Wave guide, Feeders, Connectors, Grounding.

Install Wireless and Network Equipment for its Central Offices, Customers location, remote location and other OSP jobs for.


High-School Diploma September 1999 – July 2003
Railway Transport Industrial School Group – Bucharest

Certificate “Climber of telecommunications ;grade 2 climber”
Certificate- Locomotive engineer.
Cooking course.
English language course A1 level.
Driving license: “B”, 15 years of experience.

Computers, internet, music, sports: football, skiing, mountaineering, travelling, gastronomy, cars.

References are available on request.

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