My names Gabe but I go by Colt.    Ill start off by stating that I am different, in many ways for many reasons, if it’s for the better or not.. opinions vary.  I’ll leave it at that for now.

I have a wide range of skill sets in various fields.  I love knowledge and learning new things and skills.  I’m a quick leaner and hard worker. I always try my hardest to do my best no matter the job.  I first heard of your company from and tower tech. And took a interest in it and have been pursuing it since.  I’d be interested in tower climber, welding, sales.

Most of my past jobs I rarely held a single job position (title), iv always kind of been the “everything guy”, or a “Renaissance man” if you will..    I uploaded my resume but i feel that something went wrong. If so I’d be more than happy to send it.    Some work experience of mine, •tree trimmer,  • welding,• sales • Driver. I do have much more.

To be frank, and honest, Iv had a bit of a troubled past when I was young and recently it’s been standing in the way of many opportunities,  if only given the chance to prove my self and abilities I might prove myself as a asset. I will explain more in depth. I may of recently been convicted but the charges are almost 10 yr old. And I’m a much different and older. Any opportunity would be greatly appreciated. Please an thank you.

Last Resume Update September 12, 2019
Address Butler
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Spanish Speaking? No
Willing to Relocate? Yes
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