I am seeking IMMEDIATE employment in the Telecommunications/ Tower Industry. I have 4 years experience climbing and 3.5 years of that time has been as a Crew Lead and Foreman. I am also a ComTrain In-House Instructor as of Sept 2014 to present. I have ComTrained approximately 15 climbers in that time period. I have been very fortunate because I became a Crew Lead very early in my Career as a climber, but I have had some extremely capable and Professional Mentors along the way to keep me focused and aware of the job’s hazards and how to keep them mitigated. I am a hands-on Crew Lead who climbs almost daily with my Crew to ensure procedures are followed and accomplished in a safe and timely manner. I do not do this from the warmth of the cab on the truck.


January 2012-March 2103
Durham, NC

Tower Hand and TopHand

Building and Installing Sprint Network Visions sites. I was part of a crew that completed around 50 sites while with CNS.

Completely wiring and preparing Spring Network Vision sites for Integration

Took photos and completed all tasks necessary to send in a complete close-out package

March 2103-
October 2013
Southeast Wireless LLC
Durham, NC

Crew lead/ Foreman

Overseeing the Building and Installing Sprint Network Vision Sites

Overseeing the complete wiring and preparation of Spring Network Vision sites for Integration

I also ensured all the proper and necessary photos were taken, as well all Antenna alignment shots and completed all tasks necessary to send in a complete close-out package

Handed site over completed to an Integration Crew.

December 2013 –
Dublin, VA

Crew Lead/ Foreman

I oversaw all the daily operations of my Crew in the Field all over the state of VA working on Sprint 2.5 sites, T-Mobile sites, FASTBACK installs in Richmond VA and Ntelos Decomms all over the state of VA.

I took all necessary photos and collected all test data necessary for a close-out package

On a daily basis I prepared a plan of action necessary to accomplish the day’s tasks in a timely and competent fashion.

I Supervised and participated in all work on the tower and on the ground on a daily basis.

March 2015 thru
June 2015
Infinity Wireless LLC
Raleigh, NC


Climbing and evaluating alarms and faults on AT&T sites.

Cleared alarms and faults with sites

Worked with PIM and Anritsu gear to determine alarms and faults.

Nyack High School
Nyack, NY

High School Diploma

I am currently a ComTrain In-House Instructor, Advanced/ Competent Climber and Basic Climber and Rescuer. I have my First Aid card and CPR. I have been to 2 Spring Schools, one was for Network Vision and the other for Sprint 2.5. I also attended a 3-day AT&T school about 2 years ago.


My Goal right now is to get with a Company who is established in the industry and is 100% safety conscious 100% of the time. I am looking for steady work in the field as a Crew Lead, CM or even TopHand. I am accustomed to life on the road and I manage very effectively with extremely little supervision. I have been training men to work in this field and as climbers for almost my entire time in the industry.


Professional References are available on request.

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