very clean and have controlled and detailed work ethic, I’m organized and trustworthy. I will
stock and maintain tools, equipment, line trucks, follow OSHA requirements for any job, I will
adapt to the company's rules and regulations. I work great outside and can handle all types of
tools and equipment. I’m easy going and highly reliable, excellent communication skills, ready to
outwork and complete any tasks that are asked of me or that are not, I work great alone or in a
team setting.

Certifications / Skills

● Certified Climber*
● Linetruck Operation
● Class A CDL Permit
● Certified Vault Rescue*
● Certified First Aid/ CPR*
● Blueprint Reading
● Certified Aerial-lift Rescue*
● Certified Pole-top Rescue*
● Certified OSHA 1910.269*
● Meter Reading*
● Work long hours
● Use shovels, hammers, wrenches, levels, plumbob, pickaxe, chainsaw, etc...
● Training in Safety, Personal Protective Grounding, Electrical Systems, Transformers,
Electricity, and Rigging


Northwest Lineman College- Oroville, CA- November 11, 2016

Apple Valley High School- Apple Valley, CA- 2016- 3.3 GPA

Last Resume Update April 3, 2017
Address Hesperia
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