My current goals are to secure a position within a company that has room for growth and future
advancement. I anticipate on finding a position that can use my knowledge and work experience.
Personally, I take pride in my work ethic, I enjoy using my skills to meet goals in a timely manner. I excel
at multi-tasking, being a leader and efficiently coordinating a project. My individual objectives are to find
a position where I can utilize my business experience to further my professional career. I seek a position
will provides me with new challenges frequently.

CURRENT WORK EXPERIENCE____________________________________

Midwest Underground Technology Inc.
Dates: March 2015-Current
Position: Foreman/Tiger Team Technician
Responsibilities and Duties:
- Supervised daily operations of a maintenance crew undertaking a variety of tower issues
- Performed structural tower modifications checking guy wire tension and replacement
- Identified and repaired any alarm, TMA or RF performance issues dealing with Verizon’s network
- Diagnosed and repaired tower lighting systems and alarms
- Work with crew members to complete cellular upgrades on all technologies

Dates: February 2014-December 2014
Position: Foreman
Responsibilities and Duties:
- Completed new PCS, AWS, and LTE cellular upgrades
- Installed new cellular equipment in shelters per carrier plans
- Trouble shoot and optimize sites with performance issues to meet carrier standards
- Complete all daily, weekly and close out paperwork for work completed

The AIM Group
Dates: September 2013- February 2014
Position: Construction Supervisor
Responsibilities and Duties:
- Supervise tower crews and daily operations in order to keep construction schedules
- Coordinate with clients in order to turn in all necessary closeout forms and meet payment points
- Perform site walks to assure no issues will arise when a job is started and no issues were present
on its conclusion
- Oversee crews leads to make sure they have the necessary knowledge and material to perform
their jobs and resolve any issues that may arise
General Dynamics
Dates: April 2013-September 2013
Position: Tiger Team Technician
Responsibilities and Duties:
- Trouble shoot inefficient antenna systems including GSM,UMTS and LTE for AT&T
- Complete overlooked items by contractors to comply with the carriers standards
- Sweep and PIM lines in order to fix any issues present within the carriers system
- Change azimuth, align antennas or burn RETs to meet the RF engineer specifications
- Diagnosed any and all alarms in order to make the site run to its full potential

Caltrop Construction Services
Dates: December 2011-April 2013
Position: Construction Supervisor
Responsibilities and Duties:
- Read blueprints in order to create action plans for raw land builds or sector modifications
- Acquire permits and arrange inspections to maintain a projects progression
- Delegate assignments to crew members in order to meet deadlines in a timely matter
- Climb towers to complete sector modification or stack sections of new tower builds
- Supervised projects and crew members to assure accurate completion of assigned duties
- Completed all closeout paperwork to finalize a jobs completion


- American Red Cross Adult CPR/AED/First Aid
- Anritsu PIM certification
- Comtrain Authorized Climber and Rescuer
- Emergency Medical Technician-Intermediate
- Gravitec Systems Tower Climber and Rescue Authorized Person
- JDSU Fiber Optic Inspection/Cleaning/Testing
- Kaelus Advanced PIM Certification
- OSHA 30
- Sunlight Antenna Alignment Certified
- 3z Antenna Alignment

RELATED PROGRAMS___________________________________________

- Anritsu PIM and Sweep
- Kaelus PIM
- MS Excel
- MS Office
- MS Word
- PowerPoint
- Ret Control systems
- SiteMaster

University of New Mexico
Location: 1 University of New Mexico Albuquerque, NM 87131
Area of study: Bachelors in Architecture
Current GPA 3.7

Central New Mexico
Location: 525 Buena Vista Dr. SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106
Area of study: Emergency Medical Technician-Intermediate, Licensed with the state of N.M.
GPA: Certified

PERSONAL REFERANCES_________________________________________

Bud Schmidt

Ryan Linson

PROFESSIONAL REFERANCES_____________________________________

Noe Mendoza

Brandon Staton


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