Position: rigger / Installer
Company: N WAVE Technologies inc.

Project Type: REFARMING
Project Location: NCR
Duration: MAY 2018 UP TO PRESENT

Job Description:

Pree Installation for hot swap.assemble and Install new antenna 12 port. mount bracket, universal mount single access mount.Cable laying new power cable,new fiber optic.Install new RRU,combiner for GL 1800 / UL2100.GL1800 / L2300.,filter for GU900 and L850.Install new DCDU.New BBU3910,BBU3910A,BBU5900,,BTS3900L,BTS3900A,.Power tapping.install GPS.
Dismantle existing 8 port antenna,fiber optic cable,power cable.RFM G18 FXEA/FXEB.Combiner GU900/L850, GL1800/U2100. RFM U2100 FRGT. RRH U900 FHDB.RRH L2100 FRGY. RRH L850 FRCG. System mudule FSMF.

Position: rigger / Installer
Company ETSI Technologies inc.

Project Type: REFARMING
Project Location: NCR
Duration: September 2016 To July 2017

Job Description:

upgrade Refarm. Assemble and Install new antenna 8 port From 4port and 2port or reuse existing antenna.
Laying cable and install fedder cable,fiber cable,power cable, jumper cables,water proofing,labels and all groundings.
Install new combiner for GU900/L850. GL1800/U2100.New filter for GU900, L850. Install new L700.alarm box.
Install new Antenna mount bracket,H frame,Single acces pool.
Site Audit

Position: rigger / Installer
Vendor: Huawe (Globe)
Project Type: U21 petal project
Project Location: Region VII
Duration: May 2016 to September 2016

Job Description:

Upgrade expansion U2100 Petal project.Laying cable and install new feeder cable 7/8 or 1/ 5’8.fedeer connector,jumper cable,water proofing,labels and all grounding cables.
Assemble and install Dual beam antenna . Install RRU/WRFU
Install new antenna mount bracket. If needed install additional cable ladder,and new feeder entry or port hole.
Dismantle existing antenna cellmax.
Site Audit.

Position: rigger / Installer

Vendor: Huawe (Globe)
Project Type: U21 petal project
Project Location: NCR
Duration: November 2015 to February 2016

Job Description:
Install Upgrade expansion U2100 Petal project.Laying cable and install new feeder cable 7/8, 1/5’8, fedder connectors, jumper cables,water proofing,labels,grounding cables.
Assemble and install dual beam antenna. Install RRU/WRFU
Install new antenna mount bracket. If needed install additional cable ladder and new feeder entry or port hole.
Dismantle existing antenna cellmax.
Site audit.revise TSSR.

Department:Steel Out fitting

Vendor: Hanjin Heavy Industries construction
Project Type: ship
Project Location: subiczambales
Duration: July 26 -November 5

Job Description:
Cutting using ethelyn and oxygen
Assemble varios parts of shif by the drawing plan
Welding ( FCAW)

Position: Telecom Rigger
Company:. Al babtain leblanc telecommunications system ltd
Project location: Saudi Arabia (ksa)
Project Type: Alcatel Lucent (MPR) Microwave packet radio) D2U FDD. D4U TDD
Job Description:
change frequency from 23ghz to 38ghz
assemble and install microwave antenna
install power, fiber, xpic and optimization
upgrade microwave link, single band to dual band.

Project Type: Alcatel lucent GU900,G1800, UL2100.D2U FDD / D4U TDD
Job Description:
Assemble and install Antenna,RCU,TMA. RRH, TDD/FDD
Laying cable and install feeder cable 7/8, 1 5’8 jumper cables fiber optic cable power cable GPS water proofing,all labels and groundings.
Installation of BTS and Modules, External Alarms from BATB to BTS

Project Type: ZTE. G900,G1800, U2100 & TRANSMISSION (NEC)
Job Description:
Assemble and install Antenna,feeder cables 1/4 and connectors,BTS modules RRU, fiber optic cable,power cable water proofing,labels and all groundings cable
Assemble and install microwave disc .9 / 1.2. and allighnment.

Project Type: Nokia. (Flexi Edge) , G900,G 1800,U 2100 , & TRANSMISSION (FIU 19)
Job Description:
Assemble and install GSM Antenna.Laying cable and install fedder cacle 1 5/8,7/8 fedder connectors jumper cable water proofing,labels,And all groundings cable.
Assembleand install battery rack, batteries,rectifier cabinet.
Flexi Edge modules ESMA,ERGA , EXGA , FIFA)
Install alarm from rectifier to BATB alarm box.
Assemble and install Microwave antenna size .3 / .6 / 1.2 . IDU/ODU. IF cable grounding and allighnment.

Project Type: SelfSuppor Tower or lattice tower,Monopole, Guy Tower, Roof Top, & mast.
Job Description:
Assemble all tower parts. legs, bracing , platform,cable ladder,step ladder cable trays.Erect with mobile crane or ginpool. Self support tower or latice tower, Monopole,Roof top and mast site.
Assemble and install universal mount , extension mount, omni mount antenna mount bracket
Verticality and tightening.
Tower Painting and install tower light

Position: School Bus Helper

Location: TrinityCollege, E. Rodriguez Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines

Duration: June 2004 to April 2005

Position: Helper

Location: Javier Trading Corp., Bantay, Ilocos Sur, Philippines

Duration: September 2005 to February 2006

Position: Construction Laborer

Location: Sinait, Ilocos Sur, Philippines

Duration: April 2006 to December 2008

Knowledge in using site master for VSWR testing (ANRITSU)
Knowledge in reading Tower Plan
Knowledge in Erection Signaling
Knowledge to use ginpool and winch
Knowledge to use computer
Commisioning Nokia flexi edge
Commissioning NEC/PASOLINK


Course Title: Fall protection,prevention & Ladder safety (working at hieghts) & Rigging
Valid Until: 14/06/2020
Control: Httc-061418-07

Course title:Health & safety induction.General OHS Requirements for site,Node B installation,antenna installation Rigging safety
Valid Until: 10 /02/2019
PTID: 063AEVG0079577

Course Title: Work Permit Receiver (For aramco)
Location :Riyadh Saudi Arabia
Date: December 06 2014

Course Title: Aviation Warning Lights (Certificate Available)
Location :Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
DateMarch 15, 2010

Course Title: Safety in Rigging & Fall Protection Course
Location : Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Date: February 19, 2009

Date of Birth: December 20, 19
Place of Birth: Sinait, Ilocos Sur
Civil Status: Married
Citizenship: Filipino
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 65 kgs
Father’s Name: JuanitoYadao
Occupation: Farmer
Mother’s Name: Leticia Yadao
Occupation: Housewife


Educational Level: Short Course Certificate
Education Field: Driving / Welder/ Auto mechanic
School: University of Northern Philippines
Address: Tamag, Vigan City, Philippines
Date: June 2003 – April 2004

School: SinaitNationalHigh School
Address: Sinait, Ilocos Sur, Philippines
Date: June 1999 – April 2003

School: DadalaquitenElementary School
Address: Dadalaquiten Sur, Sinait, Ilocos Sur, Philippines
Date: June 1994 – April 1999



I hereby that the above information I had given is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.


Last Resume Update October 3, 2018
Address Don Bosco
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