Global VSAT Forum (GVF): Certified Professional VSAT Satellite Installer

OBJECTIVE:  A position within a company or corporation which enables me to perform
   quality work utilizing my numerous skills and vast experience in the
                           telecommunications field.

PROFILE: Skilled Communications Technician, encompassing Satellite,
        Microwave radio, Cellular, T1/T3/OC3 and fiber communications
                            equipment and systems, Audio, Video, RF circuitry and electronics
                           skills. Experience installing and upgrading CISCO routers and switches.
Energetic and self-starting, can work in remote locations without
                            supervision on large projects. A “team” person who can also supervise
                            others effectively.

EXPERIENCE: Nov 2013 – Present
Telecommunications Technician, Williams Energy, Moundsville WV.
Provide technical services to support the daily operational control of large
complex voice and data telecommunications and LAN/WAN system.
troubleshoot, operate, and maintain systems composed of microwave, fiber,
two way radios, leased circuits, cell modems, VSAT’s, SCADA radios,
terminal servers, digital multiplexers, DC power systems and alarms by
various manufacturers. Provide reliable and efficient telecommunications
services to the offices and field sites located within the West Virginia area of
operations. Interfaces with SCADA, Gas Control, Network Services, and
outside vendors as needed.

July 2013 – November 2013
Microwave Field Technician, Skyhawk Wireless, Phoenix AZ
Worked in the 4 corners region of the US performing installation and
commissioning of ALU 7705 routers and microwave
backhaul for AT&T. Installed and provisioned/commissioned
Alcatel 7705 routers and performed span adds for AT&Ts microwave backhaul
from Durango Colorado to Farmington NM.
Performed consulting services and Path alignment/Installation of MPR 9500
Microwave radios. Antenna installation training for tower crews and
service personnel with turf vendors for AT&T.
Performing consulting services and microwave radio and antenna installation.
successfully trained 2 tower crews on microwave antenna pathing and several
service technicians on ALU MPR 9500 microwave radio installations and
provisioning and troubleshooting.

October 2012-July 2013
Microwave Field Technician, Scientel Wireless, Lombard IL
Involved in construction of sites and maintenance on Alcatel Lucent
MDR-8000 privately owned low latency network from Chicago IL to New
York City NY. 78 individual sites in one continuous microwave path from
Illinois to New York. Provided construction supervision and microwave
radio installation and maintenance on network from Western Pennsylvania to
New York City.

November 2008 – October 2012
Field Engineer, Infinity Technology Distributers and Consulting
Services, Raleigh NC.
Responsibilities include installation of large scale
microwave systems for state and local government emergency services
communications systems. Providing consulting services and installation and
maintenance for high priority government owned emergency services
communications systems for fire and ambulance and law enforcement.
Working independently without supervision on large projects in remote
locations throughout the United States. Supervision of contractors for
site construction, electrical work and all phases of tower erection and antenna
and waveguide installation. Radio installations included Alcatel Lucent
MDR-8000, MPR-9500, Harris, Aviat, Adtran, Ceragon and Dragonwave.

November 1998-November 2008
                            AT&T Mobility (formerly Cingular Wireless, formerly Cellular One)
                            BALTIMORE MD
Responsibilities include installation, repair and maintenance of microwave
                            radio systems and components. Maintaining Alcatel and Harris DS1/DS3
                            Microwave radios, microwave systems and components. Including associated
  hardware including high speed Muxs, cross connect hardware and providing
                            complex repair and maintenance of microwave radios and systems.
      Installation, repair and maintenance of Cell site equipment, antenna systems,
      And components in rural and non-rural cell site locations in the WV, VA,
      Washington DC and Baltimore MD areas of operation. Perform troubleshooting
      and repair of all microwave and cell site equipment in my area of operation.
      Lucent TDMA, Lucent UMTS, Ericcson GSM, and Nokia GSM,
      cell site equipment. Utilizing all required tools and test equipment required
      to repair cell site and microwave outages. Troubleshooting and repair of
      T1s and OC3 fiber Muxs. Experienced in troubleshooting T1/DS3/OC3 outages
      utilizing T1 test sets and frequency counters, power meters, spectrum
analyzers, optical test sets and all associated test equipment. Responsible
      for keeping all microwave radio frequencies to specs and adhere to all FCC
regulations . I was also involved with Disaster Recovery work and
     have experience setting up and operating mobile cell sites with satellite
      backhaul and satellite T1 services. Working with numerous other Vendors
      and systems.
March 1995-November 1998
      Responsibilities included providing technical service and support for
      satellite teleconferences utilizing portable satellite antennas, analog and
      digital receive equipment, decoders and all associated audio and video
      equipment including phone conveners and one touch systems for two way
      interactive teleconferences via satellite and landline.
      Provide installation, repair and maintenance of commercial satellite systems
      encompassing video and two way data (VSAT) systems. Experienced with
      Hughes VSAT systems AT&T VSAT systems (clearlink 200/400 and clearlink
      Plus) as well as state of the art digital receive equipment including CLI,
      Digicipher, Wegener, and various analog systems both encrypted and non-
      encrypted. Providing installation, repair and maintenance of commercial
SMATV systems.  Responsible for complete design, installation and
maintenance of systems from  antennas to head-ends for hotels, schools and
apartment communities, as well as repair and maintenance of existing systems,
upgrades and retrofits. Hotel/ Motel retapping and RF distribution. Installation,
maintenance and repair of complex pay-per-view systems. Experienced with
analog as well as digital headend design, installation and maintenance. Providing
installation, maintenance and repair of two-way UHF/VHF voice
communications systems and all associated hardware and antenna systems.

November 1991-March 1995
      Responsibilities included installation, repair and maintenance of all
      broadcast equipment in the studio as well as the installation, repair and
      maintenance of satellite earth station equipment and Comark UHF transmitter
      and transmitter antenna systems. Microwave point to point systems and
      telemetry control systems. Supervised 6 master control operators and insured
      compliance with all applicable FCC rules and regulations regarding broadcast
      facilities. Involved with this project from the ground up through entire design and
construction phase and was designated assistant chief engineer upon startup of
broadcast facility.
      May 1989-November 1991
      Responsible for the design, installation, repair and maintenance of the
      Mid-Atlantic region of private cable systems. Duties included maintenance
      and repair of headend and Satellite earth station equipment and RF distribution
      equipment and systems. Construction of headend site for cable systems,
      Including satellite earth station installation and off air antenna systems and
      tower erection. Turnkey construction of systems from start to finish.
      Supervising 15-20 independent contractors while providing management for
      22 private cable systems in 7 states in the Mid-Atlantic region.

      April 1988-April 1989
      Served as communications team training supervisor while assigned to the
      USS O’CALLAHAN/USS BROOKE foreign military transfer team.
      Responsible for technical communications training for 2 full Pakistan Navy
      communications teams.
      April 1986-April 1988
      Served as antenna systems maintenance supervisor. Responsible for repair
      and maintenance of all exterior communications antenna systems aboard
      USS O’CALLAHAN. Teletype repair supervisor. Supervised teletype repair
      shop, responsible for maintenance and repair of all shipboard teletype
      equipment. High and Low level repair certified. Hold Navy NEC 2342/2346.

May 1984-April 1986
      Served as teletype repairman and Radioman, USS PROTEUS, Guam.
     Responsible for incoming and outgoing message traffic. Commercial traffic
      clerk. Responsible for spare parts ordering and distribution for
      communications division. Maintain inventory of equipment and supplies.

 CLEARANCE: TOP SECRET security clearance held fromxxx-xxx-xxxx based
on FBI background investigation #840920.

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