Use microscopes to solder/desolder (fine pitch tools), to repair and to rework electronic components (surface mount and through-hole ) at board level including soldering leaded and SMT- 0420 components and devices. J-STD-001 and MIL-STD-2000A certified.

Use oscilloscopes, digital multi-meters, logic analyzers and probes and other specialized electronics test equipment and trouble-shooting techniques to analyze faults/malfunctions, to perform diagnostics, and to calibrate.

Assemble, build, fabricate and test prototypes, subassemblies, and electronic components following or using measurements, schematics, diagrams, with attention to procedures and tolerances specified by designing Engineers.

Devise criteria to perform testing procedures, data collection and documentation for research and development of electronic hardware innovations.

Practical and thorough understanding of the theories, principles, and operations of Electronics: AC/DC electronics/electrical power and power supplies, as a U.S. Air Force Electronics Tech

Can read and translate the color-coded rating of resistors into ohms (Ω) “resistance”, the numerical rating of capacitors “capacitance” into Farads (F) and relay switches/inductors “inductance” into Henrys (L) calculate AC/DC circuit behaviors (Z) “impedance” incorporating diodes, SCR’s

Adept at Shop time management. Manual skills include use of various hand tools such as drills, pneumatic or manual torque wrenches, nail/rivet guns and other manually operated equipment: band saws, drill presses, milling machines, belt sanders, lathes, hydraulic sheet metal press machines and sheet metal manual rolling press.

Retain OSHA and HAZMAT certifications and training from military career.

Use and operate CNC (computer numeric controlled) lathe, drill and laser cutting machines for fabrication of parts for assemblies/subassemblies.

Creatively talented to quickly draw, sketch and conceptualize 2D/ 3D models using CAD, 2D/3D-engineering software, FABRICATE PROTOTYPES by shop, hand crafting tools, and modeling techniques or use of 3D lathe
Experienced Operator of wave solder machines used in mass manufacture of printed circuit boards PCB’s’


12/2016 – Present INTEL, Calabasas, CA
Microprocessor Testing Laboratory Technician

+ Collaborate with Intel’s Senior Microprocessor Engineers in devising
test parameters, testing protocols and testing techniques used to
test, monitor and record performance metrics of newly designed
prototype microprocessors.

+ Construct, build and fabricate the testing fixtures, apparatus, AC/DC
power supply units and computer interfaces per instructions of Intel
Microprocessor Engineers.

+ Modify, repair and rework of the electronics and testing equipment
used in testing microprocessors; testing fixture servo-motors,
pneumatic/ hydraulics systems and their operation lines and
modify programs to their PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controllers)..

+ Document all repair work, equipment or material replacement,
orders and requisitions for parts/ materials.

+ Solder/ unsolder electronic through-hole components (diodes,
capacitors, inductors, jfets, mosfets, trim pots resistors, inductors)
as well as SMT- 0402 components and devices on PCB’s and
other board modules controlling the automated testing systems.

10/2016 – 12/2016 Carlisle Interconnect Technologies, El Segundo, CA
Electronics/ Electro-Mechanical Technician

+ Maintenance, repair and servicing of manufacturing equipment
and automated product assembly lines; the electroplating machines,
their system monitoring of solution reservoirs and/or modifying the
programs to their PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controllers).

+ Reroute, troubleshoot communications loss and/or replace the
electronic communications network equipment linking the individual
production units used in Carlisle’s manufacturing and batch tracking

+ Solder/ unsolder electronic through-hole components (diodes,
capacitors, inductors, jfets, mosfets, trim pots resistors, inductors)
as well as SMT- 0402 components and devices on PCB’s and
other board modules controlling the automated used
in Carlisle’s production process.

+ Installed NEW electroplating production units or modified
the patented production equipment on various production lines of
the plant.

+ Documented all repair work, equipment or material replacement,
orders and requisitions for parts/ materials.

7/2015 – 7/2016 Oberthur Technologies , Rancho Dominguez, CA
Electronics Repair Electro-Mechanical Technician

+ Diagnose faults, troubleshoot malfunctions and repair/ rework the
electronics and communications network of the equipment used in
Oberthur’s manufacturing processes.

+ Solder/ unsolder electronic through-hole components (diodes,
capacitors, inductors, jfets, mosfets, trim pots resistors, inductors)
as well as SMT- 0402 components and devices on PCB’s and
other board modules controlling the automated/ robotic units used
in Oberthur’s production process.

+ Maintenance, repair and servicing of the production robotics
assembly lines; the servo-motors, hydraulics systems, load and/or
modify programs to their PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controllers).

+ Occasional fabrication of parts and/or performing electronic
modifications of equipment in the Oberthur’s plant machining lab.

+ Document all repair work, equipment or material replacement,
orders and requisitions for parts/ materials.

7/2014 – 7/2015 Astrophysics Inc., City of Industry, CA
X-Ray Unit Electronics Service and Repair Technician

+ Using specialized equipment (oscilloscopes, electromagnetic
spectrum analyzer) and Astrophysics Inc.’s proprietary testing
apparatus software, bench tested X-Ray generators and their
electronics/electrical components.

+ Using specialized equipment, performance test, evaluate diagnose
faults, troubleshoot malfunctions, and repair X-ray units
accessories (conveyor belts, automatic shutters, fail and safety

+ Troubleshoot faults and failures of PCB’s and board modules
down to the component level (diodes, capacitors, inductors, jfets,
mosfets, trim pots, resistors, inductors) and SMD’s used in power
and signal amplification of the X-Ray generators

+ Assemble, connect, crimp, solder and terminate the
wire/cable harnesses connecting the internal systems
(power, logic and auxillary) of X-Ray unit models 4056, 4056es
and 4117 (large scale and over-sized crate) and portals.

+ Program and test PLC’s used in controlling the mechanical
aspects of the finished X-Ray units and models

+ Document all repair work, equipment or material replacement,
orders and requisitions for parts/ materials.

9/2012 – 7/2014 Advanced Bionics, Valencia, CA
Electronics/Electromechanical Assembler

+ Soldered SMD’s (Surface Mount Devices) and “through hole”
components onto PCB’s in a clean room environment.

+ Assembled the finished pieces and the micro-electronics of an
implantable medical device (for the hearing impaired) in a clean
room environment.

+ Using LabView Software and Advanced Bionics’ specialized
proprietary equipment, bench tested, performance tested and for
quality assurance verified finished devices.

1/2006 – 6/2006 Sieger Engineering LLC, South San Francisco, CA
Electronics - Electromechanical Assembler/ Test Technician
(company later OUTSOURCED to Asia – laid off )

+ Assembled and soldered the electronic components (SMD’s and
“through-hole components) onto PCB’s and other assemblies.

+ Operated and monitored wave solder machines used to
simultaneously solder micro PCB’s and PCB panels.

+ Operated 3-axis automated lathe used in machining metal alloy
rods and gears for robotic systems and accouterments.

+ Operated the automated injection mold systems used to
manufacture exterior parts for robotic systems .

+ Upload and /or modify utility and kinetic programs into the PLC’s
of the robotic systems and utilities.

+ Using Engineers’ diagrams, specifications, wiring schematics,
and assembly codes, assemble and build robotic equipment, test
the parameters and verify performance of equipment.

2/2005 – 5/2005 Day Wireless Systems, Oakland, CA
Microwave/ Radio Maintenance Technician

+ Performed daily checklist and inspection of safety equipment;
cables, clamps, hooks, body harness, tool belts, pulleys,
grounding straps and ladders.

+ Perform daily load-up and checklist of wires, cables, terminators,
and various equipment for installations.

+ Installation of signal generators (multi-mode duplexers), electrical
coupling, transformers, and power conversion systems used in
signal/data transmission.

+ Installation microwave antennas onto building tops, towers and
other vertical or line-of-sight structures.

+ Using specialized equipment, portable computers and consoles,
perform transmission testing and verification over VHF,UHF, and
microwave frequencies.

8/1999 – 5/2004 Macadam Computers Inc., San Francisco, CA
Sales Associate/ Apple Computer Repair Technician

+ Daily opened the store and facility for business.

+ Daily performed audit of cash transactions, POS (point of sales)
electronic transactions, check/account verifications

+ Facilitated sales of Apple software, Apple computers and 3rd party
Apple platform software, equipment and accessories.

+ As a Technician, installed memory, built Apple RAID systems and
installed Apple server software for special business Customers,
requisitioned Apple Support for Dealers/Resellers in acquiring
warranty electronics, troubleshot and repaired Apple computers.

4/1997 – 6/1998 Curtis Instruments Dublin, CA
Electronics/Electromechanical Repair Technician

10/1996 – 3/1997 Alpha Electronic Systems Berkeley, CA
Telecom Network Technician/Cabling/Rack/Patch Panel installation

7/1996 – 9/1996 Irish Communication Company Rosemead, CA
Telecom Network Technician/Server-Router-Repeater installation

3/1996 – 6/1996 Dolby Laboratories Brisbane, CA
Audio Test Technician/Audio Electronics Assembler

6/1995 – 2/2001 129th California Air Nat’l Guard Moffett A.B, CA

4/1990 – 5/1995 U.S. Air Force Travis A.F.B., CA, McConnell A.F.B., KS
Lowry A.F.B., CO/ B-1B Bomber Aviation Systems Technician


DS SolidWorks
AutoCAD 3000
Auto DesSys Form Z
Adobe CS Photoshop
Adobe CS Illustrator
Adobe CS InDesign
MS Word
MS Excel
MS PowerPoint
LabView Test Station


Technical College of the U.S. AIR FORCE, Colorado Springs, CO
4/1990 – 5/1996 (Active Duty Air Force) – 6/1996 – 8/2001 (Air Nat’l Guard)

Electronics Theory Part I,
Electronics Theory Part II
Boolean and Digital Logic
Electronics Basic Operations
Electronics Advanced Operations
Mixed Signaling and Firmware
Electro-Mechanics and the Applied Sciences

Aviation Systems Technician (Lancer B1-Bomber) Active Duty Air Force
AFSC: 45733 B-Shred “Engine, Instrument Systems and Flight Controls”
4/1990 – 5/1995

Maintenance and servicing of APU’s (Auxiliary Power Units)
Maintenance of the AN/ALQ-161, Phased Array Radar
Maintenance of the B1-B Main Computer, IBM AP-101
Test and verify continuity of Sensors/Indicators/ Systems Wiring and Computer Interface
AC 3 Phase/DC Power (Motors and Actuators)

Secure Communications – Cyber Surety (Cryptography and Encryption)
129th California Air National Guard Moffett Field, Mountain View, CA,
6/1995 – 8/2001

Installation of Computer Networks (LANs/WANs) Voice, Data, and Signal
Installation of Network Switching, Routing, and Repeater Modules
Configuration of Field & Mobile Communication Systems
(RF/Microwave/Satellite Systems)
Installation, Routing, and Dressing of Fiber Optic, Category IIIe, IV, and V Ethernet and COAXIAL (RF) cabling
Coding, Counter Measures and Encryption Techniques
(Firewalls and Data Security)


San Francisco State University, San Francisco, California, 2007 - 2012

Brunel University, Uxbridge, West London, U.K. Great Britain, 8/2010 – 7/2011
(Study Abroad Program – Metallurgy & Foundry Sciences)

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology - Electronics Engineering

Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design/Product Design

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