Tower Technician II: (At&t: 5mnth Contract position)

Topside Tower –Alabama Ga – February 2017-June 2017

Site Upgrades with Radios, Squids, Jumpers, Duplexer’s, Finer Cables, Service boxes, SFP cards, Power Connectors, Grounds, snap-in’s and grommets as well as Antennas.

Operation of industrial power tools such as: Band Saw, Plunge Saw, Miter Saws, Reciprocating Saw, Impact Driver, Heat gun, Drill, Impact Wrench, Jig Saw and Circular Saw.

Successful Operation of captains hoist and company truck with fleet angle achieved.

Basic technician hand tools used as well: screw driver, wrench, cutters, toppers, wire stripers.

Field equipment used: Azimuth tool (Antenna alignment 3z Telecom RF Aligner PRO) , cat welding grounds onto ice bridge.

Taking site close out photos and doing site audit of Tower up top.

Tower Technician I: (Verizon)

Tower Site Services - Alpharetta - August 2016 to February 2017

:Worked for Verizon building out Tower Boom Arm, antennas, radios which carry either AWS, PCS or LTE. :Color coding jumpers for each sector e.g. RB + RY (Normally LTE sector Colors)

:Wired OVP boxes with powers and alarms for all sectors: Alpha (Red) Beta (Blue) Gama (yellow).

:Fiber testing with fiber scope, wet to dry cleaning agent also used.

:Tower Surveys, mapping the tower to add new technologies, drawing over view diagrams of entire test shelter building and tower on site taking measurements, shooting pictures, doing tape drops, shooting azimuths for each sector staring on Alpha which normally sits on 0 degrees.


OSHA-10 Hour, Anritsu Master Site Lineman sweep. Along with 27 other documented certifications through Ericsson involved in the tower industry that can be made readily available upon request. Pictures of work done also available.

Tier II Technical Support Representative and Supervisor (6mnths)

Momentum Telecom - Cartersville, GA - May 2015 to July 2016

Skills Used

Troubles shooting customer equipment, running technical diagnostics on moderns, routers, VoIP devices and cpu's, DNS server config, port forwarding, static IP assignment, outage reports, entering information in ticketing system, management of a team of 10 agents.


HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA in Information Technology, Biology, Spanish, Economics, Mathematics, English Literature and Language and Physics

2009 to 2013


Top Product Performance
February 2015:

Last Resume Update July 28, 2017
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