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Work Experience

Journeyman Technician
SBA Network Services, Inc - Boca Raton, FL
January 2017 to March 2018
Small Cell Site installations/Troubleshooting 
Service tickets/Troubleshooting 
operations auditor specialist

2009 to 2011
• Close Out Packages and forms, site audits, pictures, Microwave Path and Alignments 
• Upgrades to towers and Indoor BDA sites 
• ClearWire Tiger Team, AT&T, Verizon LTE

2007 to 2009
Wes Tower 
• New Installs 
• Upgrades to towers 
• ClearWire & Verizon

Lead Technician
2005 to 2007
UMTS Upgrades, Rigging, Lines and Antennas. Site Audits 
• New AT&T 3G Site Installs

Monroe County Community School



Additional Information

Known for dedication, adaptability, and self-motivation with quick comprehension and creative skills 
Exceptionally capable with experience of advanced computer operations with manual and heavy labor
duties while ensuring the highest level of quality and safety. 
Substantial experience with WISP's (Wireless Internet Service Providers), Installation, Networking, and
Troubleshooting issues related to various aspects of compatibility, understanding various complex
issues related to communications between Machine and Computer configurations. With over 12 years
of experience in the communications industry, Hands on experience performing Communications Tower
Site Audits/Installation of antennas, coax cable, all sizes, CAT5 CAT5e, CAT6, All connectors of all sizes
Surge arrestors, Grounding kit, Diplexer Rack, Weather Proofing Kits, and Site preparation. Knowledge
of All wireless systems and components of GSM-UMTS CDMA and LTE Systems, Troubleshooting
VSWR Alarms. TMAs, Rets, Jumpers, Experience with Microsoft Windows, MacOS, and Linux Operating
Systems. Installing, Networking, and troubleshooting complex Systems. Mechanical experience with
Aerospace and Automotive tools and equipment including hand tools, floor-mounted tools, and electric/
battery power/Air tools (Rivet Gun, Complex Drilling Systems, Inspection Tools for proper testing of
Electrical and Mechanical assembly's). Composite Fabrication skills and technique from hands on
experience to create and develop steps and procedures for production of various Boeing Composite
parts for the 787-8 
(Boeing's 787-8 is a Composite commercial passenger Airplane) 
Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA) 
Location: Everett, WA Main Factory Employed 2012 to 2016. 
Daily tasking of job assignments. Verifying via Inspection of proper part assembly prior to installation.
Inspections after assembly installation to insure both part and Product is according to Spec verified
through advanced blueprints, drawings, and charts. The following Boeing Commercial Airplane
programs I have been a part of: 
1.) 777 -300ER - Final Assembly 
2.) 747-800 - Airplane Computer Systems Installation 
3.) 787-8 - Composite Fabrications Processes and Development 
4.) 787-9 - Composite Fabrications Processes and Development 
Small Business Owner/Operator 
iRepair.Everett iRepairEverett.com 2011 to 2014 
I was a Licensed Cell Phone Repair Business Registered with the State of Washington. I was the Owner
and Operator of iRepair.Everett, specializing in Apple iPhone Repairs. A Full Service Repair company
for all iPhone 3G, 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S iPhone5/5s/5c, iPads 1/2, providing High Quality Parts and
Custom Software Service for iOS Operating Systems at Competitive Prices with same day parts and
repair service. Repairs to LCD, Digitizer, Home Button, Power Button, Wi-Fi Antenna, Network Antenna,
Charge Port, Microphone, Speakerphone, Housing Replacement, Vibrate Switch, Volume Buttons,
Custom Color Modifications and More. With 4 years' experience doing repairs on the side, I Registered
as a Licensed Business in September of 2011. Closed December 2014

Last Resume Update September 24, 2018
Address Bloomington
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