Top Hand/Foreman
Sitemaster - October 2014 to Present
AT&T upgrades
• Audits
• Microwave work
• Boom swaps
• Site builds
• Vizwors

Carpentry Assistant
N/ a - Coldwater, MI - October 2016 to October 2016
Pour concrete walls daily pay, he needed help for two days

Top Hand
Ancona Controls - February 2014 to August 2014
Site builds for Sprint 2.5
• AT&T troubleshooting and tiger team
• Maintaining 911 sites for AT&T. Such as reinstalling antennas, RRUs, TMAs
• Troubleshooting rets
• Doing Sprint decoms
• Running all up top by myself

Top Hand
Bravo Wireless - October 2013 to January 2014
Subbing for sprint decoms
• Decoming booms and all lines and antennas and waveguide
• Taking the coax, separating the ground leads and leaving them in shelters
• Taking before and after photos of before and after the work started and ended
• Separating the waveguide as it came off the tower
• Taking the snap-ins off and placing them in a construction bag and leaving them also in the shelter
• Decoming ice bridge and posts and shelter /compound grounds, as in spec of the rf data sheet

Top Hand
Dynamic Innovations/Subbing for Verizon - Pittsburgh, PA - November 2010 to October 2013
Fabricating steel for Verizon microwave government work
• Installing 5 to 8 foot microwave dishes
• Installing icebridges with guide wires Popping in sites and installing wave
guide down the tower
• Stacking and stick building towers/full from ground to tower site builds
• Installing bogners for government issued work; 8ft to 15ft bogners
• Installing omnis with transmit and recieve radios; installing each omni with 30- 40 ft separation on the tower
or from the opposite leg of the original
omni for the transmitter
• Installing side arms and adding new equipment and taking down old
• Installing diplexers with antennas for Verizon 5G Installing top lights on the tower and running power cord for
the lights down the tower with white tape and black fat tape at every 5 step pegs

Top Hand
GTS/SUbbing Sites for AT&T - Madison, WI - February 2007 to October 2010
Upgraded AT&T, GSM, UMTS and also installed LTE
• Installed squids and medusa heads
• Ran power and fiber to RRHs from squids
• Putting gramins and velcro on power and fiber
• Running jumpers to new AT&T antennas from RRH
• Dressed and created booms on the ground and flew the dressed out booms and antennas and jumpers and
rets into the air and placing them on a leg of the tower
• Moving booms from up high on tower to middle of tower changing center
lines/doing the same with single antennas depending on center lines of each sector
• Maintaing bombs for site layouts and calling the knock to shut sectors down
• Running jumpers from the hardlines in the shelter to the diplexers, running
jumpers from the diplexers to the cabinets in the shelter, sweeping the jumpers at the cabinet for closeout

Top Hand
Tower and Land Communications - New York, NY - April 2004 to December 2006
Installing mounts on rooftops
• Put on Dragonwave and Powerwave microwave antennas
• Scoping in clearwire microwave dishes
• Clearwire to Sprint cutovers
• Exchanging jumpers from dishes to dapheads for Sprint
• Decomming clearwire dishes and upgrading full Sprint on the side of rooftops
• Using techometers to pop in sights

Tower Hand
MTSI - Plano, TX - August 2002 to March 2004
AT&T upgrades; GSM, UMTS
• Installing antennas and running jumpers to TMAs, color coding, weather
proofing, down/up tilts
• Installing Omnis
• Decoms
• Running coax up tower/Full installs
• Scanning rets
• Installing booms
• Installing icebridges/ Full civil

Diploma in coding and Art
Princeton Highschool - Princeton, TX


Carpentry, and general labor, and i can fabricate


Electronically capable, Fabricator, Computer literate

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