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xxx-xxx-xxxx Run Energy Services WY,CA,KS,MN,MT

Operations Maintenance Lead Technician

Operation and Maintenance duties on GE 1.5 ESS units. This includes all Low Wind, High Wind, and break in maintenance activities.

Preformed site lead duties which included day to day interactions with GE management team. Plan day to day schedules. Managed all on site manpower activities including PPE inspections, trucks, tooling, mobilizations and time and expenses.

xxx-xxx-xxxx World Wind Services Tehachapi, CA

Operations Maintenance Technician / Tower Wiring Technician

Operation and Maintenance duties on NEG Micon NM-48, NM-52 and NM-72 Units. This includes all maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting activities to maintain the highest availability rate.

Construction and installation of tower wiring on Gamesa and Mitsubishi wind turbines. This includes installing and terminating all high and low voltage cabling and connections from the ground up.

xxx-xxx-xxxx Gamesa Wind Clear Lake, IA

Operations Maintenance Site Supervisor

Managed day to day maintenance and warranty repairs of a 160mw site.

Managed the on site safety program. This included maintaining, supervising, and scheduling all safety related meetings, training, and on site inspections.

Developed schedules for up to 20 contractors for day and night crews to maintain the highest turbine availability.

Managed quality control teams that inspected contractor’s maintenance and repair work.

Scheduled cranes and managed large corrective repairs on site.

Worked hand in hand with on site customer management to maintain the highest customer satisfaction.

Maintained daily, weekly, and monthly reports to Gamesa management and customer management teams.

Managed parts inventory and on site man power budgets.

Inspected and approved daily work orders for accounting accuracy and inventory control

During my time on site availably was above and beyond contract agreements

xxx-xxx-xxxx Airstreams Inc Tehachapi, CA

Technical Supervisor

Consultant to Los Angels Department of Water and Power for a 120MW wind project. Working with LADWP’s project management team, I monitored and inspected the installation and commissioning of 80 GE 1.5 wind turbines.

Developed LADWP’s first wind operations and maintenance program. This included the development of safety documentation and training, operations and maintenance documentation and training, and installation inspection documentation and training.

Training Specialist at Airstreams training facility. Trained students in all aspects of the wind energy. Including wind park safety, how to use electrical metering equipment and detailed training programs on all major components of a wind park and turbine.

xxx-xxx-xxxx Clipper Wind Power Denver, CO

Operations Maintenance Field Supervisor

Supervised Installation TA’s and Commissioning Technicians across the US fleet. I was in charge of managing mobilization, work schedules, and training. These teams Installed and commissioned Clippers first production 2.5mw units.

Supervised the set up of Clippers first operations sites across the US. This includes hiring and training site supervisors and local technicians as well as the operations facilities’s set up and start up. This led to successful kick off of the first three operational sites for Clipper.

Managed operations of Clippers C93 projects across the US. Worked with site teams to insure maximum availability. Scheduled cranes and manpower for field retrofits and repairs. This also included a close working relationship with three different customers for high customer satisfaction.

Supervised the development of several new programs for Clipper operations teams. I helped develop Clippers first maintenance check list and maintenance manual. Was also a part of developing Clippers first operations site supervisors training program.

Hired and supervised traveling operations teams. This included managing their schedules, expenses, training, and performance. These teams where responsible for new site start up support, retrofit support and operational support across the US fleet.

2001– 2006 GE Wind Energy Tehachapi, CA

Commissioning Technician / Americas Resources Support Team

Key Assistant to the Resource Manager - in charge of supervising 10 GE field employees, including work performance, work schedules, and safety requirements.

Responsible for scheduling and managing the training program to supply a contractual work force to the GE Project Management and Services Teams in the United States, Asia, and Europe.

Chair weekly conference meetings and schedule the mobilization and demobilization of the GE contractual work force. As a result of my efforts for these 100+ trained contractors, GE was able install over 1,000 wind turbines in the United States inxxx-xxx-xxxx, as well as maintain its new and existing services contracts.

Member of the Methods and Process Team. Tasked to review, research, develop, and implement new processes and procedures, as well as new PPE and safety requirements for all service personal in the field. In 2005 with these new processes and EHS requirements, we lowered our GE safety I&I recordable rate to 0.

Performed as commissioning lead in several new installations in Europe, Asia, and in numerous sites in the United States. Responsible for managing on-site manpower; Met with customers on a daily basis to discuss on-site commissioning activities; Briefed the Project Manager daily on the commissioning progress; Tasked to oversee job book completion for contract fulfillment.

With my field experience and knowledge, I performed as a GE 1.5 instructor, where we successfully trained and groomed 60+ students in all aspects of the GE 1.5. These students were responsible for the successful installation and commissioning of hundreds of GE 1.5 units.

I am highly skilled and thoroughly trained in the installation, commissioning and the overall operations and repair of the GE 1.5. I have commissioned, repaired, and operated hundreds of turbines, and been involved with commissioning multiple multi-million dollar projects.

Education & Training

1992–1996 Tehachapi High School Tehachapi, CA

Graduated with training in general education

Certified automotive air conditioning technician

Certified fiber optic splicing, repair, and installation

Trained and certified to repair and install SEG, Xantrex, ABB, and GE converters

Trained and certified to commission and repair the GE1.5mw wind turbine

Trained in several tower rescue systems including (Tech Safety Lines, Tractel systems, and Avanti Rescue systems)

Certified and trained to use and operate numerous types of electrical test equipment and machinery

Certified and trained in lead commissioning activities.

Highly skilled with computers and various programs. (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and ect.)


Computers, Boating, Hunting, Camping, and Fishing.

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