Sept.1984 – June 1985 Minnesota School of Business Computer Programming

Professional –

Sept 2015 – Mar. 2016 First State Tire Renewables Isanti, MN
Director Projects / Improvement
Leading in 6 months (65 employees) already average of $22k/month revenue increase + effeciencies through various programs. The plant grinds tires for renewable (1.5M tires per year), sells in after markets, and we are developing other aspects lead by me. Those include plant layout/automation, process changes and much more. However, Honesty/integrity/character is everything and this aspect is not present.

March 2008 – Sept 2015 Employed / Contracted Metro Area, MN
In year 2015 manufacturing consulting/position in process improvement/employee performance/business structures/market areas for Rare Earth Elements. I oversaw manufacturing/operational functions as well directed employee training/quality changes. I improved logistic cost, designed and built fixtures/jigs for vastly improved manufacturing assembly functions, improved visual product attributes by infusion of stronger color enhancers, set quality functions that improved manufactured goods, and a patentable idea with a new market stream for Rare Earth Elements.
Since year 2012 and ongoing (3 years) to 2015, consulting and oversight of all Manufacturing 21CFR / Quality in ISO13485 of a multi component Medical Device (hypertension diagnostic machine) where I am their Engineer of everything, This includes second generation design of device to latest circuit/software engineering suitable with Cloud based functions. (
To Sept. 2015 consulting with True North Trading in a special area development in argricultural/wholesale areas.
Others.. ... Consultant to Visium Co. in which I engineered and laid out structures for renewable process making oils/additive to road pavement applications in Iowa. Another involved consulting to service industry in Healthcare application through birthing centers. Another involved consulting service done in Healthcare Software EMR MAR HIPPA applications. Another was consulting Renewable Energy Projects in Mexico/South America though billion dollar fund investment group out of Texas. Another consulting contract involved Hospital Operations India. Another involved Foundry Operations/Process Improvement at Prospect Foundry in Minneapolis.

July 2006 – April 2008 Bison Renewable Energy LLC Mendota Heights, MN
Director of Engineering
Lead and oversaw development ($80 million) of plant operations and engineering structure for anaerobic digester operation. This is a process of using organic byproducts in various biological structures for production of Bio Gas to pipeline injection.
Oversaw successfully site preparation of boring, geographical history, plotting/survey needs, city council permitting requirements, DNR (dept. of natural resources) permitting of air / water / land emissions, city waste water contract and requirements in discharge, meetings with mayors and city department officials.

Jan. 2002 – Feb. 2006 Kinsmen Inc. / “Earth Works” brands Hugo, MN
Principal / President
Did full Start-up of organic food manufacturing and marketing-sales company. Developed-wrote PPM, wrote marketing and design work for retail packaging, handled all sales. I developed all pork, beef, BBQ product lines (FDA, USDA), all outsourcing in manufacturing, developed all organic farmer bases, formulation of frozen organic entrees, distribution and logistics, and oversaw all accounting and business functions. This company in less than 17 months had 15 sku facings in retail stores. Product could be purchased in Lunds-Byerly’s, various cooperative stores in Midwest.

Oct. 2000 – Sept. 2001 Minter-Weisman / Fleming Inc. Plymouth, MN
Director of Operations, VP Operations
Executive position in $420 million dollar company annually servicing 2200 convenience-grocery stores in 6 states with 300 employees, 30,000 SKU, broken case pick-pack operation. Company had lost over 100 million in sales over a 5-year period. Hired to stabilize and turn around operations through development of quality, customer, I.S., sales, marketing, and distribution projects. Company sold as I improved projections/value.

Dec. 1998 – Oct. 2000 L.S.G. Sky Chefs Inc. Minneapolis, MN
Operations Director – Mgr.
A 3 billion dollar food sales company that services the airline industry with 130 worldwide service centers. The Minneapolis unionized facility consisted of 350-500 employees (union) depending on the seasonal demands. It serviced Northwest, American, United, and 8 other airlines on 24-7 basis. Average max volume saw over 40,000 meals prepared-manufactured (international, domestic) daily in an industry where failure is not an option. Direct and indirect reports of 280 employees, supervisors, and managers with P&L of $32 million. Recruited away by Minter-Weisman.

July 1997 – April 1998 StarTek Inc. Greeley, CO
Director of Operations
I served and directed the manufacturing division, 3 facilities, consisting of clients such as Micro-Soft, HP, 3DO, and other software companies in a fulfillment operational function. We ran an assembly packaging operation with an avg. of 290 employees in a $49 million sales division. Left to return to Minnesota to care for mother who had a stroke.

July 1986 – Aug. 1994 ANR Freight Systems / Yellow Freight Fridley, MN
Operations General Manager

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