Seeking wind technician position that fully utilizes my experience and abilities


Northwest Renewable Energy Institute Vancouver, Washington September 2016 | Present

Anticipate completion of Wind Turbine and Telecom Technician training program and award of diploma in March 2017.

Trained in a wide-range of wind turbine operations, maintenance, and safety procedures.

Solid understanding of AC/DC circuits, intermediate hydraulics, and PLC controls including temperature, vibration, pressure, and mechanical sensors.

Proficiency with Fluke multimeter and insulation testers.

Received instruction on proper lockout-tagout procedures

Proven understanding of mechanical drive gearbox systems.

Experience with installation and use of Vibralign and HOG laser shaft alignment equipment.

Received hands-on and textbook training in hydraulic and mechanical torque and tensioning tools.

Able to identify workplace hazards and find solutions to mitigate harmful situations.

Trained in unreachable rescue and suspension trauma mitigation, safe access, safe evacuation, ladder rescue, and tower climbing.

Professional Certifications

ENSA Working at heights, tower rescue, evacuation, and PFPE
CPR/First Aid/AED
HYTORC hydraulic tensioning and torqueing
T.W.I.C card
Eagle Scout

Military Service

US Army (Infantryman) Fort Wainwright, ALASKA Sept 2006 – Feb 2010


E-4 Specialist

Stryker Driver (3 years driving experience)

maintained the Stryker’s, FMTV’s 5 ton truck, and Humvee’s for my unit

Personal security for (very important people) US Army officers and civilian’s

Chosen to work on VIP convoys and Iraq Army and Iraq police private missions

First Aid classes

Relevant Experience

Secret Clearance

United States Army Reserves Marysville, WA Feb 2013 - March 2014

Tested for chemical, biological, radioactive, and nuclear particles in the air.

Military vehicle driver

Securitas Security Security Guard Seattle, WA March 2013-February 2014

Seattle King County Metro Tunnel

Foot Patrol, Costumer service

Observes and reports activities and incidents at King county metro.

Protects evidence or scene of incident in the event of accidents.

Horizon Security Security patrol officer Lynnwood, WA March 2012-March 2013

Performed routine security checks in various locations

Call police or fire departments in case of emergency, such as fire or unauthorized persons.

Write reports daily activities irregularities such as equipment, or property damage.

United States Army Active Fort WainWright, AK September 2006- Feb 2010

Infantryman/ Stryker driver maintain the vehicle and all fluids
Maintain weapon maintenance to work properly and mechanically.
Willingness to accept challenges

Ability to perform well under stress

Physically and mentally in shape

Ability to work as a team member

Snohomish County Public Works (Flagger) Snohomish, WA March 2005-September 2005

Ensured drivers safety by setting up the flagging stations, barriers, traffic cones for a safety work area.
Prepare work reports and maintains records
Cleared road blocks, including falling trees, rocks, and other debris

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