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I am intereste
d in employment with King Communications, L LC. as a Tower Hand
1654 as advertised on
indeed .com
; I have 4 year of
verifiable experience as a cable installer
and nearly 1 year of experience as a lineman. I am
looking forward to learning new skills an d honing those that I
possess that are relevant to this position. I a
lso have good customer service skills
& likeability and
I believe that I am
a well-qualified
candidate for this position.

are most relevant to CATV

Exhibiting professional courtesy among all employees.

Voice, Data
, & Video I
nstallations .

Familiarized with Modems, HD Boxes, DVRs, Wireless Routers,
Access Points, and
MTAs .

· House Amplifiers, Post-Wires, W
F ishes, Data/Telephone Wiring, and
Noise reduction.

· Trouble Calls
– Excellent
trouble-shooting skills and understanding of parameters for forward & return signal levels and SNR

Understanding of signal level meters such as DSAM-3600, Trilithic 860-DS Pi & Stealth-5000.

· Custo
mer Service – Providing Customer education
on equipment & services, and providing accurate information that may be requested by the customer
in a professional manner.

· Cable Construction -
Pulling H ard
line, L ashing,
Coring & S
plicing, Termination, Grounding,
Tap Cut-ins, Passive & Active equipment
installation, Sweep & Balance,
and c ommercial cabling & networking.

· Familiar with signal leakage detectors
such as the sniffer .

· Familiar with locators.

Comfortable at heights - Capable of carrying and climbing 28 ’ & 32 ’ ladders and operation of Altec Bucket truck lifts.

Previous Employers

Southern Cable Systems, LLC.

- Birmingham,
03/2015 – 04/2016

JJT Communications, LLC. - Birmingham, AL. 06/2015
– 02/2016

· Communications Unlimited, Inc
- Hoover, AL. 03/2014 – 07/2014

· Mediatti Broadband Communications,
- Okinawa,
. 06/2012 – 12/2013

American Engineering Corporation, Inc. -Okinawa, Japan. 03/2012 – 06/2012

Last Resume Update May 9, 2016
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