Entry level

Radio controlled car with microcontroller and CPLD board; Dual Boom Log Periodic Dipole Array designed magnetic field mapped; Network designed and implemented using frame relay, VLAN and VOIP for a small business<br />
“Social event” project managed, Marketing simulation for “Free Telephone company”<br />
Skills &amp; Abilities<br />
Telecommunication Connectivity &amp; hardware: Cisco Routers &amp; switches;Ethernet;Wan;Lan<br />
Layer2/3 Protocols:RIP,OSPF,EIGRP,BGP,SNMP,ARP,TCP,UDP Static &amp; Dynamic Routing,VLAN VTP Trucking,BPDU,STP Access list etc…<br />
Network Technologies: CDP.Frame-relay PPP, ACL, NAT, PAT etc...<br />
Ability to install different cables and connectors; test and troubleshoot networking, QoS, Nmap.Port,scanning utility;Wireshark;Technical support at NOC;iSite,iBuilder,iMonitor<br />
Electrical<br />
Wireless communication: Towers and radio signals, antenna designing with specific Db calculation of coverage area etc…<br />
Hardware and circuit board:DC, AC,Semiconductors Op Amps Circuit board designing and troubleshooting of computer hardware, digital multi-meter and network analyzer to test and to acquire data<br />
Others Microsoft office(word,excel,PowerPoint,labview);JavaScript<br />
Work History<br />
Manufacture<br />
Flexible Metal Tucker, GA from 03/2007 to 06/2015<br />
Parts assembler: follow OI (operating instructions) to assemble GM, JohnDereer, CAT,etc motor parts using fixtures and gauges, sign off router<br />
Machines setup/Operator: set the machine with different dices or programs, do some light maintenance job and run the machines (robot, bender, Tubemill) to make Motor parts following customer specifications, use gage meter and draws etc the quality of the product. Report any issues encounter to the supervisor/engineers Telecommunications:<br />
SDN Global technologies (VSAT) Atlanta, GA 06/2015 to present<br />
Network operation center management/customers technical support:<br />
Help our customers, remotely, troubleshoot their data, voice, video connection problems directly or through our tech on the site.<br />
Direct the technicians how to align and re-point the antenna.<br />
Do the cross polarization test to isolate interferences, do also 1db compression test.<br />
Monitor technicians in how to download option files and configure Net modem and get it into the network etc....<br />
Check regularly NOC room where there are our routers, switches, hubs and servers etc...<br />

Last Resume Update August 19, 2015
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