RF Technician

§ Assemble and erect communications towers, ensuring tower is securely bolted into place using hand or power tools and rigging is secure.

§ Check antenna positioning to ensure specified azimuths or mechanical tilts and adjust as necessary.

§ Install, replace, or repair antennas or auxiliary equipment used to transmit and receive radio waves correctly on towers.

§ Install all necessary transmission equipment components, including antennas and antenna mounts, surge arrestors, transmission lines, connectors and tower mounted amplifiers.

§ Inspect completed work to ensure all hardware is tight, antennas are level, and cables are adequately weatherproofed.

§ Install, connect and test grounding systems.

§ Install and repair tower lighting components and ensure functionality.

§ Perform maintenance or repair work on existing tower equipment.

§ Install and test Freewave 900 MHz radios for wireless data transfer using Ubiquiti’s 2.4 and 5 GHz 802.11 card for operations with various antenna arrays supported by layer 1, 2, and 3 switches.

§ Measure RF power and reflection using a Thruline Bird Watt Meter and Agilent RF Analyzer.

§ Install C-Soft, TELEX 1616, C6200, IP 2002 and IP 223 consoles.

§ Program and monitor ICOM and Motorola radios.

§ Set up and operate ICOM and Motorola repeaters.

§ Setup and operate SINCGARS radios.

§ Perform maintenance on radios and peripheral equipment.

§ Conduct terrain research for best antenna location and coverage.

§ Troubleshoot power, data, antenna, RF, and CAT5/6 issues.




08/95 – 08/15         Video Technician                        Orlando, FL

Freelance Audio Visual Technician

§ Project Manager for corporate audio visual events; including state and federal government, both international and domestic.

§ Set up, adjust and operate audiovisual equipment such as cameras and recording equipment for meetings, events and video conferences.

§ Set up projectors for small to large venues using single to multiple screens as well as front and rear projection.

§ Set up cameras and perform live shots utilizing shot framing techniques for broadcast and record to media using various camera mounts as well as handheld mode. Operate camera control unit for shading.

§ Conduct webcasts and Video Teleconferencing meetings using Mediasite Recorder, Polycom and Tanberg software.

§ Coordinated and conducted international meetings for Merck Pharmaceutical utilizing PowerPoint, Word and Audience Response Software.

§ Use Playback Pro Plus for video playback on Apple computers.

§ Set up audio equipment for amplifying and recording business meetings.

§ Work as lead break out technician for rooms and exhibit booth sets.

§ Install, adjust and operate electronic equipment to record, edit and transmit multimedia, video and audio presentations.

§ Diagnose and resolve media system problems.

§ Switch video input from numerous sources by using specialized switching equipment designed to provide output to various locations, including BARCO and Analog Way switchers.

§ Mix and regulate sound inputs and feeds, as well as coordinate audio feeds with television pictures.  

03/98 – 06/99              Digital Video Systems              Orlando, FL

Systems Integrator

§ Integrate broadcast, satellite, fiber optic and audiovisual equipment on board cruise ships and yachts.

§ Assisted with the equipment installation of 3 radio stations; Voice of America, Radio Unica, and National Public Radio.

§ Use spectrum analyzer, OTDR, and fusion splicer for test and repair of damaged fiber optics.

§ Set up and perform maintenance on video walls and projectors.

§ Install projectors and control systems for board and conference rooms.

§ Build CAT5, Coaxial, XLR, RS-232, Molex and wire harnesses for installs.

§ Perform maintenance on monitors, record decks, cameras and projectors.


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