Work Experience


U.S. Army

Airborne Infantry




Capitol Towers & DTSI Lincoln, NE

Tower Hand, Tower Lead, Foreman

Raw land builds which included clearing land, laying foundation, tying

rebar, pouring and laying concrete and shelter, stacking towers and

putting on antennas and lines including fiber. Att, verizon, and sprint 4g

lte upgrades. As well as metro tmobile and us cellular.

Also decommissioned towers and did beef ups on multiple towers that

needed more structural supports. Stack all sorts of towers which include

monopoles, monopines, guide towers, and self supporters. Have worked

with cranes multiple times.

At the end of my stay with Capital Towers I was managing my own

tower crew and vehicle with trailer. I have had a year and a half of

foreman experience as foreman with this company.


T3 Wireless Hawaii, HI

Top Hand, Foreman

Stacked, mods, and beef up towers as well as guide wire changes, plumb

and tensions on multiple towers in Hawaii. Replaced steel and steel

work on towers. Have done full site builds with operating a crew which

includes replacing steel on tower and beef up and hanging new booms

with all new antennas and lines including fiber for att and verizon.

Extensive work with gin poles and operating crews in a very structured

and fast paced manor.


Steelhead, Missoula MT

Tower Tech

Verizon fiber jobs and line and antenna jobs as well as stacking and mod work


Florida Tel Com, Greencove Springs FL

Lead Hand

Raw land builds for Verizon and tmobile. As well as complete site builds for sprint Verizon and tmobile.

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