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Electrical/Mechanical Schematics

Problem Solving





Maintenance Mechanic

Assisted in the installation, setup, of $8 million dollar Real Medleys and Rice-A-Roni cup production line.

Perform various required corrective maintenance tasks; trouble shooting, welding, electrical, pneumatics, hydraulics, fabrication.

Conduct preventative maintenance inspections according to company schedule.

Tower Technician

Tower Climbing, rigging according to ANSI and OSHA standards.

Fabrication, grinding, cutting, painting, preparing steel for application.

Installed and changed out radios, antennas, and lines.

Assisted in structural reinforcement modifications.

Performed tag line and cat head operations.

Driller Assistant

Assist Driller/Foreman with the daily operations of running overhead derrick.

Performed corrective maintenance on small engine equipment.

Assist in installation, assembly, and removal of water pump and plumbing work

Welded 100+ pipe stands to be used for water pump plumbing pipes.

Consult with various inspectors; ensure site meets both OSHA and Contractor safety requirements.

Operate heavy equipment for the purposes of excavation, demolition, and lifting.

Assisted Foreman in crane rigging and crane operations.

Air Defense Operator/Crew Supervisor/Manager

Repair electronic warfare systems used for radar warning, jamming and deception by military aircraft

Processed information through a complex Command and Control system in a combat environment as a Crew Chief in the Tactical Air Command Center

Supervised systems operation and the welfare of a crew of up to 20 service members in a military environment while tactically ensuring artillery fire was de-conflicted with friendly air traffic

Formally instructed groups of up to thirty service members in lecture and practical application format utilizing information technology systems

Coordinated training schedules and filed crucial administrative paperwork for 170 individuals.

Logged, filed, and maintained $85,000 worth of command classified items and documents with no mishaps or losses reported.

Conducted monthly accountability inspections of over $400,000 in command classified items, with no losses reported.

Trained and supervised 20+ Marines on daily basis, during operations in Tactical Air Command Center.

Tank Mechanic/Technician

Supervised daily maintenance operations, overseeing a crew of 4 to 5 military personnel in both a fast paced and stressful work environment meeting or exceeding maintenance standards and expectations.

Performed preventative maintenance checks and services, corrective maintenance, troubleshooting, parts replacement as a member of both the organization and deployable company

Parts distribution clerk, receiving, shipping, and distribution of parts

Performed duties as Tool room Chief, kept accountability of all tools while forward deployed, with no losses reported

Supervised the maintenance and crew members servicing the M1A1 main battle tank and M88 recovery vehicle operating in a fast paced combat environment while maintaining a 90% overall readiness

Instructed new personnel in lecture and practical application utilizing diagnostic equipment

Utilize schematics, diagrams, performance charts and manufacturer specifications while performing fault isolation and repair of specific components and/or defective wiring

Excel in installation, soldering, and repair of multiple types of wiring and connectors

Supervise crews from 10 - 15 maintenance technicians and coordinate, prioritize and delegate multiple daily scheduled and unscheduled maintenance actions according to abilities and work


PepsiCo 05/2015- Present

WesTower Communications 10/2014-01/2015

A.C. Schultes 07/2013-03/2014

United States Marine Corps 08/2005-06-2013


University of Phoenix-Bachelors of Science in Management 2017

Airstreams Renewables, Inc.

Renewable Energy & Communication Tower Technician Program 2014

Senior Enlisted Joint Professional Military Education 2012

Sergeant Leadership Course 2012

Air Control Electronics Operator Course 2009

Main Battle Tank Systems Repairer/Technician Course 2006


American Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED

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