Field Technician: – January 2014 to Present

Time warner legacy field tech 5..Spectrum Tech4…IH andinstaller and trouble calls tech.


Finished 2016 with 100%Csat..and 6.8%rework…best tech for febreuary 2016.

Time warner Cable -Plano, TX


Install physical layer and basic software. calculating signal level's qualifications .signal lost and gain troubleshooting the physical and data layer ,making sure that the costumer will not have any problems in future and repeat is ever needed . climbing ladders ..troubleshoot and fix wireless networks.


being punctual because time is money , having a degree of tech 3 in a very short time (8 months) , And tech 4 and tech 5 .time warner cable…finished the full training for IH department.

always getting high rates in costumer service surveys , gaining the trust of my management and the team , fulfilling the task which intend to make that company grow and achieve it's goals , always trying to get better ,good is not enough

Skills Used:

high troubleshooting and analyzing skills. Quick math calculations .and basic knowledge in windows 7.XP.Vista .wireless configuration. high communications skills believe in the team work. have a costumer services skills having compliments in many events. body athletic have the ability to work in long hours with the same efficiency with ability To maintain sever coldness and heat.highly displant person with respect for time frames.

Soil Technician: August 2013 to November 2013 ECS - Carrollton, TX - Responsibilities
highly trained technician for Lab work , working on all kind of duties on the field and and in the lab . teaching new technicians and supervising , construction inspection ,soil densities , concrete testing and sampling , rebar inspection cable inspection and measuring and reporting , lab duties from working on samples and working on all kind of processes to find different values of the new proctors , picking up proctors and checking new site .

The ability to use different kinds of nuclear Gage , being representative to the company through construction meetings on the field ..


Through a few months in my career in this job I moved to higher from understanding the real role of soil technician , from just an employee to a company representative and inspector and being some one practical and make ends meet , in a field of work that pure knowledge and advanced tools Will Not always show the correct results , where observation is essential and the way of writing a report and communicating is the key idea of maintaining a good relationship with work force on earth , out company in the office ,and our client from another side

HVAC Service Technician: January 2006 to November 2008

REMON - ZACHO KURDISTAN - Responsibilities

Installing New devices.troubleshooting the issues and fixing all.Costumer services schedualing and planning jobs.


In A few years I was able to do the management of the shop.with full duty of costumer services.and doing install and trouble shooting for HVAC devices.


7 years customer service experience starting from selling HVAC products.ending in sling media products with 97 to 100% customer survey.Sharp observation , finding practical spontaneous solutions to urgent problems , maintaining good relationship with the work force on the field and the company management and satisfying the client with keeping transparency through out it all , using all the knowledge about the test or the inspection and not taking quick decision or simple answers but thinking deeply about the test from all aspects , great mathematical skills ,Engineering plan reading skills , forming professional reports with detailed information that would make the report easy to read for any one ,even a common man.


chemical engineering technological university Baghdad
2003 to 2006
Brad Broussard field manager spectrum phonexxx-xxx-xxxx
Cuong Neguyen field manager TQA phonexxx-xxx-xxxx
Roy Moreno field manager spectrum phonexxx-xxx-xxxx

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