-Investigative Aide for Washington State Liquor Control Board: Work under the direction of Liquor Board Agents as an undercover minor operative. Job duties include attempting to purchase age restricted products from retail stores.
Currently employed part time- April 2011, through may 2015.

-Cherry Sorter and Packer: Work in private packing shed during cherry harvest. Job duties include sorting cherries into boxes, loading coolers with cherries, and making and labeling boxes.xxx-xxx-xxxx seasonal June through July.

-Member of Hand Crew for Washington National Forest Service: Member of crew that is responsible for providing help in structure protection and land preservation against forest fires. Job duties include intense physical conditioning, digging hand line, laying hose line, and making sure safety orders are being followed.
June through September of 2013 to May through October of 2016.

-Eastmont School District Maintenance Crew: Work in helping move furniture throughout the district to different locations while Eastmont High School was being remodeled. Also work in keeping Schools landscape up to date. Job duties included moving large items with hand trucks and moving trucks, cleaning inside of school, trimming bushes and trees and weed eating.
June through September of 2014.

-Roe General Contractors: Tower hand, helping foreman and boss with any form of tower erection and tower assembly. Mounting antennas and RRUs, wiring up Purcell and power box and landing power and fiber to squid are a few examples of some of the work preformed. I started out with a RGC as a first timer and now have about 8 months of experience. I was a part of this company from January 1st through September 20th of 2017.
Certifications: Authorized climber/rescuer, boom lift and scissor lift operator, first AID and CPR, RF safety awareness


Nichel Villabol, Old Navy
1310 North Miller St.
Wenatchee, WA 98801xxx-xxx-xxxx

Kevin Starky, Liquor Control Board
430 Rock Island Rd.
E. Wenatchee, WA 98802xxx-xxx-xxxx

John and Sue Grupp, Grupp Orchards
2850 S.E. 2nd street
E. Wenatchee, WA 98802 xxx-xxx-xxxx

Jason Scott, Entiat Forest Service
Entiat, WA 98822xxx-xxx-xxxx

Greg Loomis, Eastmont School District Maintenance
460 9th St. NE
E. Wenatchee, WA 98802xxx-xxx-xxxx

Clayton Roe, Roe General contractors
33163 willow tree lane
Wildomar, California xxx-xxx-xxxx


High School graduate, currently enrolled at Western Washington University, with an AA degree from Wenatchee Valley College.
Current GPA- 3.4

Last Resume Update October 10, 2017
Address Wenatchee
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