Technical Skills

Cell/Voice, Video, Data Systems experience

Cable Pulling (Coax/Fiber)

CPR/First Aid Certification

Andrews/Commscope coax connector certified

PPC/JMA connector experience

Cat5e TIA 568 wiring

DC & AC power knowledgeable

10 Hour OSHA construction certified

Fiber Optics (Fusion splicing/Testing)

Arial Lift operator

NEC code knowledgeable

Sweep and PIM Testing experience

Miller Climb Safety/Rescue Certified


Constrotta Construction – Freeport, NY (Telecommunication, Construction Management)

Tower Climber: Telecommunication Maintenance and Upgrades, 7/11 to 4/13

Meet cell phone carriers needs and demands to upgrade and maintain 4g (cellular and data) networks. Interact extensively with project and construction managers, answering questions and recommending products that meet their needs. Selected Achievements:

Completed extensive training on safety and construction techniques, as well as specialized training in the RF field.

Developed a solid knowledge of an extensive array of tools, hardware and building materials.

Experience in a commercial work environment.

Working from very large heights (60’ to 250’)

AC & DC power termination and splicing and fiber optics installation inside station cabinets and components under code and spec regulation.

Gain the ability to read blueprints fluently.

Running cable (coax and fiber) attaching connectors and splicing fiber jumpers to radio units, base stations and shelters to POA are by spec regulations.

Tri-Wire Engineering Solutions – Plainview, NY (Residential and Commercial Communication Company)
Communication Technician: Residential & Commercial Low Voltage Technician, 5/09 to 4/11

Maintain company truck and material in well manner with strong customer service & inventory skills. Working from large heights with safety training. On site troubleshoot experience on all communication equipment (Phone, T.V, Internet) Selected Achievements:

Installation engineer and on spot troubleshooting experience also TIA/EIA 568 knowledgeable

RG 59 -11, Cat 5e, RJ 45, RJ11 Cabling.

Gained practical, hands-on knowledge of all aspects of low voltage construction and remodeling.

Working in all elements such as outdoors, large heights, and small environments.

TIA/EIA 568 knowledgeable

Spectra Services – New York City (Cell Phone Technical Services Company)

Radio Frequency Technician: Installations and troubleshooting cell phone systems, 6/12 –Now

Installation, repair and troubleshoot RF cell phone systems for T-Mobile 4G project. Working with a crew of 4 we install 1 5/8” to ½” coaxial and copper / fiber hybrid cable, disconnect and terminate DC power to and from cabinets, run and terminate fiber optic cables. Selected Achievements:

RF Connector Certified working with ½” to 1 5/8” RFS to Andrew coaxial cable.

Vast knowledge of NYC Working everywhere from the Bronx to Long Island.

Commscope certified OTDR Fiber Testing Training Certified.

Hands on Line Sweep and PIM Testing Training Experience.

DC Power conversions for telecom cabinets.

Linetek Services LLC – Island Park, NY (Telecommunication Company)

Radio Frequency Technician: Installation and trouble shooting Cell Phone systems (PCS-LTE, LTE, AWS, PCS EVDO and Cell Technologies), 3/15 - Now

Installation, repair and troubleshoot RF cell phone systems for Verizon projects. Working with a crew, we install 1 5/8” to ½” coaxial, 1 ¼” fiber /power hybrid cable. Installation of new builds on rooftops with full understanding of blue print and RFDS scope preparation from cable tray runs to Antenna, Radio heads and GPS’s all in the range of 3-5 days for each project. Minor microwave installation and alignments as well Selective Achievements:

Tower and Repelling experience

JMA equipment experience which includes antennas and cable preparation

Azimuth alignment and RET controller for proper antenna positioning

OSHA 10 Certified

Anristu Spectrum Analyzer and PIM experience for new installations and troubleshooting

Neat Close Out procedures

Proper Grounding Procedures from CAD welding for pipes and dunages, Hybrid Cable and home runs for MGB

JDSU Fiber Testing Experience


West Babylon .M. High School – West Bayblon, NY – High School diploma, 2001 -- 2005

Career Insitute of Health and Technology – garden city, ny 900 Hour, New York State Certification, All General Electrical Studies, 8/09-6/10


Rehmel Mel Darling
P.O Box 8
Amityville, NY, 11701

Keith Boyd, Spectra services (CM):xxx-xxx-xxxx

Marlon Moore, Spectra Services (Sweep Tech):xxx-xxx-xxxx

Juan Fernandez, Spectra Services (Forman):xxx-xxx-xxxx

Mike Mietta, Costrotta Construction (SM):xxx-xxx-xxxx

Jason Bogdandy, Costrotta Construction (CM):xxx-xxx-xxxx

Joe (Big Joe) Trotter, Costrotta Construction (CM):xxx-xxx-xxxx

CM: Construction Manager
SM: Safety Manager

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