e HR Manag
ub: Application for Project
P Do
ocumentattion Specialist [Multitask Pro
Acttivities: Engineering & Vendor Documentatio
on (CAD Designer expo
ea: Comm
mercial, Eng
gineering, Construction
C n, Technica
al, Procurem
ment & Preccom.
scipline: Me
echanical, Piping,
P Civil, Structura
al, Electrica
al / Instrume
entation & A

Arreas of Exp
pertise: Project Technic
cal Office Specialist / Sr. Doccument Co
- Documentation Specialist [Engine eering, Vend
dor & Final D Documents, Vendor
V Follow
- CAD Dessigner [IFC / Site
S Red Marrk-Up / As-Buuilt]
- Temporaary Facilities
s Designer & Superviso
or [Site Office
O / Camp & Fabricatioon Shop]
- Procurem
ment Technical Analystt [Evaluaate Vendor Orders
O / Reviiew PO / Venndor RFQ]
- Precom SSite Superv visor & Coorrdinator [Schedduling / Monittoring / Progrress Report]
- Punchlis
st & Hydrote est Coordinaator [Walk Through
T Sch
hedule with C Construction and Pre-Com m]
- Commerrcial Analystt & Bid Coordinator [Bid Prrocesses / Site Visit / Tecchnical Prese
emain at you
(I re ur disposal fo
or any positio
on availabilityy that it fits)

Dea ar Sir,
I would like to express myy interest in joining you
ur reputable
e organizatio
on for which
h I am enthu
Hav ving compleeted 12 EPC
C projects inn Technical Departmentt for over 222 years with TECHINT & past 3 years
witth SAIPEM (in Iran, Saudi, Buenos Aires & Perru).

Havve develope ed a wide ra
ange of techhnical skills in Documeentation for Engineering g & Vendors s with Docu ument
conntrol proceddures, Respponsible for hard copy a and electron
nic record files as requ
uired are ma aintained in good
ordder to comp ply with QA
A requiremen nts, Follow--up of vend
dor documentation & C Contribute to o compilatioon of
al project ddossiers, ass-built portffolios and archiving with
w excelle
ent written and verbal communic cation
Speecialized in CAD for Enngineering Design
C Constructtion / Fabric
cation shop drawings, Expertise
E in
n with
knoowledge of Commercia al Bidding Prrojects/Packkages/Preseentation & Procurement
P t
Ressponsible foor Procuremment Offer Analyst
A in a broad rang
ge of Engin neering discciplines, A great
g suppo ort for
an organizatioon.
volved in Prooject enviro
onment supp porting the Project Man nagement & Constructio on team dev veloped a sttrong
skill to coordin
nate with En
ngineering, Vendors
V &PProcuremen nt team to exxpedite the task.

I firrmly believe
e that a com
mbination off my Techniical expertis se and work
k experiencee to not only make me ideal
can ndidate but also assetss to the company.
My y resume is s enclosed given my related exp perience an nd excellentt capabilitiees; I would
d appreciatee the
opp portunity too discuss with
w you andd to providee further infoormation on
n my candid dacy I believ
ve that my skills
and d working experience is s an ideal match
m for thi s position.

I ap
ppreciate yo
our taking th
he time to re
eview my crredentials an
nd experien
I lo
ook forward to hearing from
f you so

Thaanks you foor your cons sideration.
Resspectfully y
Renold Pereira a
Moobile: +91-xxx-xxx-xxxx / +919322867
+ 7812
ren m
Curriculum Vitae – RENOLD PEREIRA
Project Documentation Specialist [Multitask Professional]
Activities: Engineering & Vendor Documentation (CAD Technician exposure)
Area: Commercial, Engineering, Construction, Technical, Procurement & Precom.
Discipline: Mechanical, Piping, Ele. / Instru, Civil, Structural & Architectural.
Having 24 years' of experience in EPC projects specializing at Construction/Operation of Oil & Gas facilities,
GOSP (Gas Oil Separation Plant), Solid Handling Facilities, Desalination Plant, & Water/Gas/Oil Pipeline, Crude
Facilities & Mining Industry (Hydromet & Filter Plant); being a part of the core team which is engage in Overseas
projects, has the capabilities to covers the services in Documentation & Engineering Technical Department.
Experience in managing a large team of engineers & coordination with project managers & construction team on
all running projects, Supervise and manage all Documentation of FEED & EPC Projects for Engineering &
Vendors shop drawings; Co-ordination, monitoring and controlling all Project Documentation as required are
maintained in good order to comply with QA requirements.
Developed a wide range of Technical skills in Engineering/Vendor Documentation, Review & Approval in
coordinating with Engineering, Procurement & Vendors, Knowledge in document control processes and systems
on Major Capital Projects; Expertise in preparation of Final Dossier - PRB (Project Record Books) as well as
experience of CAD for preparation of Design Construction IFC, RED Markups, Temporary Site Facilities, 3D & As-
Built Drawings for EPC Projects.
Areas of Expertise: Project Technical Office Specialist / Sr. Document Controller
- Documentation Specialist [Engineering, Vendor & Final Documents, Vendor Follow-ups]
- CAD Designer [IFC / Shop Drawings / Site Red Mark-Up / As-Built]
- Temporary Facilities Designer & Supervisor [Site Office / Camp & Fabrication Pipe Shop]
- Procurement Technical Analyst [Evaluate Vendor Orders / Review PO / Vendor RFQ]
- Precom Site Supervisor & Coordinator [Scheduling / Monitoring / Progress Report]
- Punchlist & Hydrotest Coordinator [Walk Through Schedule with Construction and Pre-Com]
- Commercial Analyst & Bid Coordinator [Tender Processes / Site Visit / Technical Presentations]

EPC Projects Experience (24 Years) with Techint 22 Years
TECHINT SAC PERU. Techint International Engineering & Construction Corporation (Chinalco Projects)
• TOROMOCHO – Hydromet and Filter Plant (South America – Lima, Peru) 2013 to 2014

TENARIS SAUDI ARABIA (Industrial Plant in 2nd Industrial City of Dammam Saudi Arabia) 2010
TECHINT ARGENTINA. Petrotrin Refinery Project (Argentina – Buenos Aires) / Commercial Projects 2007

TECHINT LTD. Techint International Engineering & Construction Corporation (Aramco Projects)
• KJO –Upgrading Hout Onshore Crude Facilities (Saudi Arabia - Khafji) 2014 to 2017
• YASREF - Solid Handling Facilities SP3 (Saudi Arabia - Yanbu) 2011 to 2013
• Tanajib-Manifa 18” RTR Pipeline Project (Saudi Arabia - Tanajib-Manifa) 2009 to 2011
• Khursaniyah Pipeline - Upstream & Downstream Pipelines Project (Saudi-Khobar) 2006 to 2009
• Haradh Gosp-3, Gosp-2, Hawips- Al Crude Increment Facilities Project (Saudi - Haradh) 2003 to 2006

• Desalination Plant & Pumping Stations (Saudi Arabia - Yanbu) 1998 to 2003
• Yanbu - Madinah Pipeline (Saudi Arabia - Yanbu) 1994 to 1998

SAIPEM IRAN. Multinational Construction Company for Onshore & Off shore Projects
• 7th Refinery of Iran (IRAN - Arak) 1992 to 1993
• Gas injection – Iran (IRAN - Ahwaz) 1990 to 1992
Curriculum Vitae – Renold Pereira Project Documentation Specialist [Multitask Professional]

Cellular xxx-xxx-xxxx76 / +91-xxx-xxx-xxxx

TECHINT E&C, (Saudi Arabia & South America) 1994 to 2017 >>>
Project Documentation Specialist (Document Administrator)
• During the initial stage organizing the entire data base, project documents & procedure to fulfill all the requirements for
the project, coordinating with the Engineers, Vendors & Expediting department to expedite & evaluate all the
necessary documents for Construction and responsible for As-Built Documentation & Final Dossier Completion.
• Developed the entire Technical documents data base in Workspace Documentum, Compass, Client Networking &
Administrate the Technical department under teamwork to maintaining all records in data base for easy access of all
NMR & Engineering documentation for all Users.
• Responsible for Review, Approval & follow-up of all NMR documentation, Coordinating with vendor to claim the entire
vendor documents for NMR 601, 602 & Final Dossier NMR 603 packages.
• Manage document registers for all projects and expedite / report current status with project documents distribution
internally and externally by maintaining document registers for all projects in accordance with project requirements.
• Identifies, collects and distributes controlled documents to ensure that the Document Management system is
supported and updated,
• File and maintain archives of all engineering documents, including drawings, reports, process specifications, vendor
drawings, test results documents, service bulletins, manuals, etc.
• Issuing drawings and information for construction purposes, Coordinating sub-contractors drawings and issuing and
ensuring current latest drawings are filed in order;
• Administrate the distribution to users, anticipate the field requirements, report the interpretation of changes to users, to
be the liaison between users and designers and coordinate the solution of consistency problems.
• Supports managers and maintains documents such as meeting minutes, drawings, specifications, approvals and
related items.
• Controls the retrieval of documents based on the requests received and maintains the requests via tracking log.
• Develops and maintains document control procedures and rolls-out of document control tools such as scanning
hardware, computer software, etc.
• Proficient knowledge with document control software, process map software, FTP clients, ISO, SharePoint and
FileNet, Advanced knowledge in process/procedure review and update of hard copies & electronic record.
• Writes and edits information security related documents and other customer deliverables/documents, Collaborates
with application development and systems engineering teams to ensure accuracy of technical documentation.
• Creates graphics that provide additional aid in understanding documented material, Experience developing technical
documentation from scratch (vs. editing) while working with application developers, network and systems engineers,
and general program management support personnel.
• Contribute to compilation of Final Project Dossiers, as-built portfolios and archiving.
• Provides training to employees on records management procedures and policies, which includes documentation,
retention, retrieval, destruction and disaster recovery, Assists with file migrations and audits and perform
administrative tasks as needed.
• Manage document registers for all projects and expedite / report current status with project documents distribution
internally and externally by maintaining document registers for all projects in accordance with project requirements.
• Administrate the distribution to users, anticipate the field requirements, report the interpretation of changes to users, to
be the liaison between users and designers and coordinate the solution of consistency problems.
• Ability to accurately prepare all prequalification and contract documents for conformance with legal requirements
• A proven track record in engineering and construction of refinery, oil & gas, petrochemical or similar facilities
• Ability to work independently and as part of a team; Ability to multi-task in a high-paced environment.

Curriculum Vitae – Renold Pereira Project Documentation Specialist [Multitask Professional]

Cellular xxx-xxx-xxxx76 / +91-xxx-xxx-xxxx

Accomplishment & Experience with Techint in 22 Years
Engineering Technical Department
• Responsible & Handling the activities of technical department, supervision & organization of technical documentation
for engineering & vendors includes CAD department in completion of Projects includes Construction IFC, Redlines,
Punch list & As-Built drawings, acquire the knowledge in PDS Intergraph Piping Design in Argentina.
• Developed the CAD Team by organizing the CAD Department in various field of Construction & experienced in 3D
detail fabrication drawings, prepared design layout for temporary facilities, underground utilities, access roads & As
Built drawings for the completion of project.
• Provide full administrative technical support to site operations for working drawings and assistance in direction of
technical analyst to Procurement team by reviewing the PO & related technical documentation.
• Assisting the Technical Director with drafting, site surveys, and documentation of facilities.
• Providing technical supports to the Project Manager and Project Team in project related activities.

Construction Activities
• Responsible for design and construction of site temporary facilities includes site supervision for the ongoing project
construction activities by coordinating with sub-contractors includes the progress of all site activities.
• Supervised the site activities & Responsible for workshop fabrication & installation of portable offices, underground
system by coordinating with sub-contractor, preparing site activities progress report.
• Coordinating with sub-contracts arranging meetings for all the necessary requirements & follow ups.
• Interfaces with the Site Engineers and the Construction Manager regarding site preparation and requirements,
erection progress, and problems arise in order to take necessary action.
• Handle Punch list items, Hydrotest, Spare parts for Pre-commissioning and material take-off list.
• Worked in Projects for Saudi Aramco from the beginning of the Construction till Commissioning, Start-Up & during the
Maintenance period until the Final Acceptance phases of all the Projects under taken by Saudi Techint Ltd.

Commercial Activities
• Handled Commercial department activities including attending Job explanation meetings & site visit report for bidding
projects preparation of PQ (Pre-Qualifications), Kickoff meetings & Group Presentation, Brochure/Magazine Art work
for Company.
• Developed Project Presentation for “Techint Group of Companies” for over all global projects in the World.
• Follow-up of RFQ (Quotation Offers) for WR & MR from sub-contractors/vendors for tender requirements including
declaration letter from sub-contractors, conducted meetings with the contractors to meet the requirements for
preparation of Bid package; experience in Saudi Aramco ECN client networking.
• Respond to site queries and resolve Technical/ Construction problems.
• Scheduling meetings and events and assisting with the development of meeting agenda topics and materials.
• Successfully organized weekly meeting MOM with management & client to highlight the progress.
• Excellent verbal and written communications skills and ability to make effective contribution to meetings with all
personnel at all levels within the organization.

Procurement Activities
• Provide technical support and assistance in direction of Technical Analyst to Procurement team by providing technical
advice by analysis/reviewing Engineering specification and Suppliers/Vendors offers to ensure they are executed and
evaluated in accordance with the requirements.

Punchlist Activities
• Follow the overall punch list system and define priority in line with Subsystem completion, Review all punch lists
issued prior to submittal to Database Administrator, line walking of systems with Supervisors for punch entry / closure.
• Issue daily punch list progress reports & break down reports by discipline & material for the Construction
Superintendents, Construction Manager and Commissioning Manager.

Curriculum Vitae – Renold Pereira Project Documentation Specialist [Multitask Professional]

Cellular xxx-xxx-xxxx76 / +91-xxx-xxx-xxxx
• Follow the introduction and progress of punch lists through all phases of completion dossiers.
• Export the spread sheet from database, populating, updating and filtering the database export spread sheet on a daily
basis and distribution it to the Plant Construction Team on a daily basis.

Software Applications
• Proficient Knowledge with Document Control Software (Documentum / Compass / Client Expedition) to maintain
project documentation, process map software, FTP clients, ISO, SharePoint and FileNet.
• Excellent depth knowledge of AutoCAD, 3D objects and experience developing design drawings, IFC & As-Built.
• An excellent command of computer and Internet programs applications and Proficient MS Office applications;
• Specialized in Presentation with PowerPoint for Kickoff meetings & Global project presentation, Photoshop ART work
& Creative jobs; Creating Ad work for Saudi MEED Magazine & Brochure using a variety of tools.
• Experience in Saudi Aramco ECN Client Networking for updating the new Aramco bidding project.
• Excellent PC Skills including standard Offices packages, editing Adobe Acrobat files as well as ability to understand
and learn customized computer software programmers.

TECHINT SAC, (Lima, Peru) 2013 to July 2014
Precom Engineer (Precom Site Supervision) and Technical Analyst / Hydrotest & Punchlist Coordinator
• Responsible for the activity to be carried out in each system & sub-system of the unit for Piping & Mechanical
Equipment works by performing system checking as per P&ID’s for completion / installation, inspection and hydro
testing the system to make ready for commissioning.
• Preparation of weekly progress reports of the status of pre-commissioning activities for recording data of successful
pre-commissioning test, reporting the management about the site conditions and the area of concern.

Last Resume Update April 8, 2017
Address Visakhapatnam
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