My career objective is employment at a company that can offer a secured monthly income, room for
promotion, and the ability to gain more skill and knowledge in my profession.

Year of Passing Degree/Course Percentage/CGPA
Pursuing 1 year of College %
University of Pheonix , General Studies
2004 High School Dipoloma
Belton-Honea Path Highschool ,
2010 U.S. Army 4 years Active Duty
2 years Reserve
Leadership and Teamwork Training , Communications Training 2 years

Aug-2004 - Oct-2005 Lazer Construction
Tower Technician/ Ground Being new to the field and young my responsibilities where basic and more
Man to learn the job than anything.
Nov-2005 - Nov-2011 U.S. Army
11-Bravo 4years, 25- Many responsibilities only limited to what was needed. Later in my career
Uniform 2 years Reserve my responsibility was to make sure my Soldiers where completing their
personal or group tasks.
Aug-2009 - Till Today Elite Telecom
Tower Technician I trained the new Employees, and was responsible for Site Close-Outs,
aswell as the Stacking of Mono-Poles when we would build a full Site.
Also the installation of the equipment on the Tower.

Project Name: Full Tower Site Build
Role: Tower Stacker, Equipment Team Size: 4 Project Duration: 7 Day
Installation, Running and
Routing lines, Weather Proofing/
Grounding, Testing, Wiring the
Ray Cap if we have the necessary
eguipment, and taking close out
Project Detail Erect a Tower using a Crane and Install the Equipment from the top of
the tower to the inside of the Shelter.
Project Name: Microwave Dish Installation
Role: Equipment Installation, Team Size: 4 Project Duration: 0 Day
Signal Pathing and Closeout
Project Detail Installing Microwave Dishes Ranging from 1ft to 12ft.
Project Name: General Antenna or Microwave Dish Troubleshooting and Repair/Replace.
Role: Work with a Technician Team Size: 2 Project Duration: 0 Day
to determine the cause of the
malfunction and decide on a plan
to Repair/Replace Equipment.
Project Detail Service calls To Antenna or Dish Site with no signal, low signal, or
periodic outtages.
Project Name: Microwave Dish and Lines and Antenna Decommissioning
Role: Safe removal of Equipment/ Team Size: 4 Project Duration: 1 Day
Hardware from the Tower then
take closeout pictures.
Project Detail Safely remove all Equipment and or Hardware from the designated
Project Name: Equipment Pickup
Role: Determine if Equipment Team Size: 4 Project Duration: 0 Day
has been damaged, use Serial
Numbers to make sure we have
everything quoted for us before
signing for pickup.
Project Detail Recieve all necessary/quoted Equipment from the designated
Project Name: Service Calls
Role: Troubleshoot what is caus‐ Team Size: 2 Project Duration: 1 Day
ing the issue and take the necce‐
cary steps to correct the problem
and prevent it in the future.
Project Detail Meeting a Technician on a site that has a Non-Functioning or Improperly
Functioning Microwave Dish.

U.S. Army Enlistment My time in the Military helped to make me who i am and im very proud of
the Knowledge, Professionalism, Morals and Leadership that was taught to
me while in service.
Microwave Dish Pathing/ I have years of experience working with Microwave Equipment
Safely completing any Job Maintaining a safe work environment for myself and my co-workers.

Spending time with my Daughter.

Chris Collins Co-Owner of Elite Telecom Services Elite Telecom Services inc.
Timothy Griffin Co-Owner of Elite Telecom Services Elite Telecom Services inc.
Tommy Owens Past Co-Worker South Carolina Telecom
Craig Stevens Past Co-Worker Mastec
Jeff Sanders Jr. Frequent Co-Worker Duke Contractor
Matthew Smith Present Co-Worker Elite Telecom Services inc.

I hereby declare that the above written particulars are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Richard Howe

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