Telecommunications Technician

Transmission Radio links PDH y SDH: Nera, Glenayre; Movistar proyect.
E1/T1 Quality Tester
Power System, rectifier and inverter DC
2000 Sintel Guatemala Guatemala
RBS Technician and Supervisor Installations
RBS Compact PCS Lucent, Movistar proyect.
Power System, rectifier and inverter DC
Installations and Antenna System Tester
Installations and configurations of transmissión Systems ML-E/ ML TN Ericsson.
2000-2001 Autoconsa SA de CV San Salvador- El Salvador
Telecommunications Technician
Studies line of sight and propagation calculations, microwave links.
Installing equipment and conducting testing protocol for Alcatel PDH radio links.
Installation and configuration of equipment for internet dedicated.
Installing Alcatel GSM 1900 base stations.
Installation DC power for Alcatel GSM base stations.
Newcon- Honduras microwave links.
NOV 2001-MAR 2009 Digicel El Salvador San Salvador El Salvador
Engineer Transmission/ BTS.
Supervisor O & M-TXRBS Central / West El Salvador.
Facilities Supervisor / Integrator family for 2000 and 6000 base stations, transmission equipment
Ericsson MLE-TNR2, HC and LH Marconi SDH equipment.
Design and implementation of additions to transmission links.
Preventive and corrective maintenance:
Transmission system minilink PDH and SDH E-TN HC-Marconi LH.
2X16 Ericsson base stations.
A / Conditioner in outdoor base stations 2x02, 2x16, 6x01
GSM Repeaters: MIKOM and Power Wave
Muxes E1s: Optimux / F-Mux, MXU Ericsson.
Concentrator senior Marconi OMS 1600, 1200 and 1400 SPO Ericsson.
Marconi SDH LH 155EC.
Handling transmission management platform Ericsson: minilink Manager, SOM and SOEM.
Job monitoring interconnection (Rings Fiber Optic).
Site survey / propagation calculations for radio links.
Measurements of frequency, power, VSWR / DTF radiant and antenna system
ABR 2009- MAR 2014 Digicel El Salvador San Salvador El Salvador
Head of O & M Digicel Center.
- Direct Supervisor TXRBS department areas Central / West and the North Country.
- Control of preventive and corrective maintenance on the Digicel network:
PDH transmission system minilink E-TN R2,4 and 5, SDH HC,Marconi LH
2X16 Ericsson base stations and 6601.
Node B 6601.
GSM Repeaters.
Muxes for E1s: Optimux / F-Mux.
Concentrator OMS 1600 and 1200, SPO 1400.
Management platforms microwave transmission networks, rings and hubs Ericsson FO: SOEM.
- Supervision of preventive and corrective work interconnection equipment (Fiber Optics) telephone operators.
- Monitoring and network management for corporate clients RAD WIN ICT.
- Control of technical personnel payroll TXRBS downtown area.
- Management-Capex Opex monthly budget allocated for various preventive and corrective network activities, portfolio management company qualified suppliers.
- Management of quality standards Digicel Group in transmission systems and network base stations applied to El Salvador.
- Management KPIs 2G and 3G
Skills .
- Microsoft Office
- Calculations for radio-propagation
- Management of budgets
- OM Management software for radio equipment and RBS
Software .
OMT ( RBS Ericsson Family 2000 )
LMT- SDH Marconi MDR155 EC LH
LCT -OMS 1600 y 1200, 1400
1996-1999 Universidad Centroamericana J Simeón Cañas El Salvador
Title: Ingeniería Eléctrica
1993-1995 Instituto Nacional de Santa Ana El Salvador
Title: Industry Technician, Electrónic Option
- GPRS System Survey
- SDH Marconi Basic
- Marconi OMS 1664 Basic
- Minilink TN y HC, Ericsson
- GSM BSC Operation, Ericsson
- GSM RAN Signaling, Ericsson
- Multiplexor MXU Ericsson.
- Marconi 155EC LH – Operation and Maintenance
- OMS 1600 y 1200, Operation and Maintenance
- Liderazgo- Inteligencia emocional (TREND)
- Liderando con el ejemplo (ASI)
References .
-Ing. Miguel Espinoza TEL: 503-73060345
Digicel El Salvador
- Ing. Gerber Pineda TEL: 503-73060349
Digicel El Salvador
- Ing. Mauricio Renderos TEL: 503-77602071

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