Managing the design and construction of Telecommunication for all major carrier’s sites.
Creating buildable RF designs and deploying them.
Analyzing on site equipment to determine necessary power and HVAC upgrades.
Implementing the design, coordination and construction of Verizon and ATT small cell and DAS networks.
Installation and repair of WIFI, Cellular and Microwave equipment.
Installation and repair of towers, monopoles and TI sites.
Sweep testing.
PIM testing.
Fiber testing.
Microsoft Visio, Excel, Word and PowerPoint.
Creating and maintaining trackers and pivots and tools to ensure on time project completion.
Tower surveying (Plumb, Tension, and visual).
All Comscope and Andrews connectors coaxial, waveguide, LMR and cat 5 connections.
Running equipment (Backhoe, Skid steer, etc.)
Structural modifications to towers and monopoles.
Building and inspection of concrete foundations and caissons.


VRS (Vertical Rescue Solutions) Competent climber and certified instructor
Comtrain instructor certification
Comtrain Advanced tower safety and rescue  
Comtrain safety and rescue
Tech Safety Lines - Competent tower climber
Level 2 ALU field tech
Anritzu broadband sweep principles
10 hour OSHA
Andrews’s connectors
Comscope connectors
Cadweld connections


Alta Loma High School
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Chaffey Community College
Rancho Cucamonga, Ca


Amatel Inc.
Construction Manager,
Monrovia, CAxxx-xxx-xxxx
10/15 – 5/16
Duties: Managing multiple projects ranging from new builds, AWS / PCS modifications, Small Cell installations and preventative maintenance. Building Customer relations and acquiring new customer contracts. Collaborating to create an online management system to track and assign work while communicating with the customer’s database for task assignments and task completion.

MYCOM North America
Construction Manager II, RF Scoping Engineer
Santa Fe Springs, CA
10/12 – 10/15
Duties: Creating feasible RF designs with the customer’s RF engineers. Constructing RF plumbing diagrams using VISIO to create RFDS’s. Collaborating with management to assess all key opportunities for improvement and assist with driving improvements in customer satisfaction. Lead a team to conduct power load studies on projects to determine necessary power plant upgrades, AC panel upgrades and HVAC upgrades. Conducting job walks to estimate construction, material and customer supplied material cost for LTE upgrades and DAS projects. Guiding A&E vendors to create accurate construction drawings, tower applications BP, etc.  Creating Excel trackers, tools and pivots to effectively and efficiently manage projects.

Westower communications
Microwave Construction Manager
Corona, CA
Duties: Head of microwave construction, competent climber instructor. Pre job pricing, ordering materials, installation of antenna and lines, scheduling manpower and materials, quality control audits and closeout documentation.

Diversified Communication Services
Santa Fe Springs, CAxxx-xxx-xxxx
Microwave Foreman, Tower safety and rescue instructor
Duties: Installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of Microwave, GSM, UMTS, LTE and FM broadcast equipment. Instructing climbing safety and rescue courses.

Site Inspector
Atlanta, GA
8/08 - 1/09
Duties: Inspecting American Towers and Crown Castle towers. Verifying and correcting plum using a Theodolite and transit, verifying and correcting guy wire tensions, and visually inspecting the towers for rust, bent or broken members, wind load, foundations, lighting, ETC.  Writing detailed reports and assembling picture logs

World Access/SK Communications
Parker, Co/
Lytle Creek, Ca
1/08 - 8/08
Privately contracted (1099)
Duties: In-house Comtrain Safety instructor, conducting safety meetings. In charge of two crews performing T mobile (UMTS) and Sprint (WiMAX) upgrades, perform precon - punch walks, closeout documents, ordering materials, and sweep testing.

Optima Network Services
Chino, CA
6/06- 12/07
Duties: Crew leader in charge of microwave system installation for Harris, T-mobile, Verizon and AT&T. Dish installation, path and testing waveguide and coax.

Stratus Communications
Chino, CA
7/05 – 6/06
Duties: In charge of a crew performing new site builds for T-mobile. From drilling and pouring caissons, setting poles, towers, t arms, etc. Installing antenna, lines and Grounding.

Frontline Communications
Parker, CO
1/05 – 7/05  
Tower hand
Erecting towers, building new cell sites from ground up. Installing microwave and Wifi systems.

Chino, CA
11/04 – 12/05
Tower hand
New site builds for Nextel/Sprint and Verizon sites all duties preformed civil and Aerial

Diversified Communication Services
Santa Fe Springs, CA
2/03 – 11/04
Microwave / PCS Tech

Process Communications
Santa Anna
12/99 – 2/02

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