Avionics Technician

Successfully completed the training for the designated systems TIF 25M,TCOM 22M Plus and TCOM 28M Aerostat PGSS Technician. Responsible for maintaining Aerostat lighter than air system, maintenance of hydraulic winch systems, electromechanical controls systems, experience operating high lift vehicles and for lifts, working with compressed gas systems, electrical power generation systems, and accompanying switch equipment.
Supervised 8 personnel, in charge of sending daily reports to the Hub Manager, shift scheduling, reading the weather, daily weather cards and reading and installing different weather Software.
Require to perform Lift Check on the Aerostat, Helium Calculation, bleeding the pressure from the Helium hose to insure that air can’t go into the Aerostat, flowing Helium, taking pressure and temperature readings on the Helium tanks and monitor the amount of Helium that flows into the Aerostat.
Experience with FLIR 360 HD Star SAFIRE and L3 MX-15i Full motion video (FMV) multi sensor gimbals which included EOW, EON and IR.
Knowledge supporting, installing, troubleshooting PC Client Operating systems (Microsoft XP, Windows 7). Basic LAN(Local Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network). Knowledge of basic Ethernet IT network devices, excellent customer service/support skills, experience supporting PC computer hardware and software.
Responsible for troubleshooting data path over several different mediums including Coaxial, Fiber Optic and Cat 5 cables while ensuring continuous flow while using electronic data converters. Also responsible for repairing Coaxial, Fiber Optic and Cat 5 cables.
Work with Terrasight 3D Visualizer and AGEON Geospatial Software as well as extensive use of Google earth and MGRS Maps.
Responsible for tracking maintenance and filling out maintenance reports on all systems. UTAMS installation and monitoring of the system for detection and alerts in the surrounding area.
Require to setup and maintain fluid operation on multi terminal computer system. Performs various pre-flight inspection tasks. Responsible for providing Personal, Sitrep, Sigacts Helium logs and reports to the in country manager.
Present information to commander to assist in determination of threats and courses of action. Assisted in route reconnaissance , target development, gathering pattern of life Intel and operation over watch. Daily meeting with CO, XO and First Sergeant to discuss tactical operation strategies including position and attack. Provides imagery intelligence upon request and produced power points.
R4 INCORPORATED, Camp Adder, Tillil, IRAQ October 2010 – February 2012
Senior Field Engineer / Site Lead
Operate designated systems. Install and operate all sensor systems assigned to BETSS-C and RAID as outlined by the Unit Commander assigned at each Area of Responsibility (AOR). Advised the Unit Commander on the feasibility, functionality and capabilities of the Sensor Systems assigned to the AOR.
Perform preventive maintenance checks and services (PMCS) on each BETSS-C an RDISS surveillance system and its components, IAW with the operator’s manual, technical manual and training materials. Provide small group training to soldiers during Relief In Place/Take Over of Authority (RIP/TOA)
Using a troubleshooting guide, troubleshoot systems to find faults and then articulate the precise problem in order to repair the system. Document incidents appropriately and forward to qualified supporting maintenance personnel as necessary. Maintain log of maintenance performed. Know the repair and reacquisition process, in Theater and AOR, of equipment that has been found faulty during PMCS.
Successfully completed the training for the designated systems. Perform operator maintenance tasks, with sufficient technical skills to follow troubleshooting procedures and convey findings to a qualified maintenance individual. Provide all necessary training to soldiers for operation of the Sensor Systems, as required. Complete a minimum twelve (12) month tour in South West Asia (SWA) from the date of arrival in theater.
Knowledge supporting, installing, troubleshooting PC Client Operating systems (Microsoft XP, Windows 7). Basic LAN(Local Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network). Knowledge of basic Ethernet IT network devices, excellent customer service/support skills, experience supporting PC computer hardware and software.
Be solely responsible for the Sensor Systems they are assigned to. Certified and experienced to train the Soldiers on the systems can be utilized for shift requirements and assist in the installation, operation and maintenance of the equipment. Work in conjunction with the unit commander on the ground to ensure all the unit’s requirements for the Sensor Systems are met. Supervised over forty personnel.
R4 INCORPORATED, Camp Liberty, IRAQ June 2009 – October 2010
Calilgo Field Service Technician Site Lead
Responsible for training, installing, repairs and sustainment of Improvise Explosive Device (IED) Defeat Platforms and provide operational and maintenance instruction to the customers.
Maintain equipment sustainment analysis and vehicle to platform configuration advise in accordance with (IAW) approved applications and safety standards.
Familiar with repair parts management system to include parts request, receipt and inventory process.
Travel to 10 PM IED DEFEAT sites to provide support. Duties consist of: Installations, sustainment and troubleshooting of equipment rebuilds and coordinate with incoming commanders to set up training of new units in Iraq.
R4 INCORPORATED, Camp Liberty, IRAQ/ BAH, AFGHANISTAN June 2008 – June 2009
RDISS Field Service Technician Lead
Performed field service support on 250 RDISS surveillance camera systems in a battlefield environment. Performed depot level maintenance on computers and cameras; while maintaining the necessary equipment to support the systems.
Knowledge supporting, installing, troubleshooting PC Client Operating systems (Microsoft XP, Windows 7). Basic LAN(Local Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network). Knowledge of basic Ethernet IT network devices, excellent customer service/support skills, experience supporting PC computer hardware and software.
My duties includes, being responsible for inventory, troubleshooting and repair equipment, voltage testing with Multimeter, Soldering, formatting of Hard Drives for CPU and testing of CAT 5 Cables with Cable tester.
Responsible for maintenance and troubleshooting of the Rapid Deployment Integrated Surveillance Systems (RDISS) a contract in over locations throughout Iraq and Afghan.
Install, sustain and maintained RDISS (Rapid Deployment Integrated Surveillance System) throughout the combat outpost of Iraq and Afghan.
Instruct over 100 soldiers on the proper installation, and routine maintenance of RDISS.

Combat Support Associates, Camp Arifjan, KUWAIT January 2007 – June 2008
Security and Surveillance Force Protection Officer
Prepare manuals outlining regulations, and establishes procedures for handling, storing, and keeping records, and for granting personnel and visitors’ access to restricted areas and materials. Conducted security education classes. Investigates security violations and prepares reports specifying preventive action to be taken. Supervised over 80 personnel.
Ensure the safety and security of ASG-KU personnel and installations. Provides in-transit security for military personnel, supplies, and equipment; searches all incoming vehicles for explosive devices or other unauthorized materials. Verifies access media on all incoming personnel to ensure authorization. Performs over watch duties for the entry gates. Reacts to emergency alarms in accordance with written procedures.
Train personnel on the Rail and Mobile VAICS (Vehicle And Cargo Inspection System) to include operating, maintenance, replacing equipment and repair, testing, trouble shooting electronics equipment, CPU’s and build in surveillance camera on the VACIS for recording events.
Monitored construction contractors and other unclear personnel while performing the daily functions in and around the secure site. As directed, coordinate access for contractor vehicles and personnel; personal security badging within the facilities to include construction sites.
Knowledgeable in facilities security badge and escorting requirements. In-depth understanding of the facilities security requirements. Developed and administers security programs and procedures for classified or proprietary materials, documents, and equipment. Studies and implements federal security regulations that apply to company operations. Obtains rulings, interpretations, and acceptable deviations for compliance with regulations from government agencies.
UNITED STATES ARMY, Fort Stewart, GA December 2003 – December 2006
Communications Electronics NCO
Operating two-way radios and signaling equipment to receive and relay battle orders, operate tracked and wheeled vehicles over various terrains.
Telephone customer support for incoming and follow up calls used for the purpose of initial troubleshooting of customer issues. Troubleshooting Microsoft OS issues on Windows 2000, AS400 Systems, DMV Systems, Query Systems and XP Pro along with setup and troubleshooting Microsoft Office 2000, 2002, and 2003.
Responsible for filing and typing DA forms and correspondence in accordance with the Army regulations and handle time –sensitive and classified documents, including accepting and picking up mail for the company.
Performed Long Range and Short Range radio systems checks and Antenna inspections for maximum radio frequencies and provided adequate training in assisting in target detection and identification.
Maintained all incoming and outgoing Soldier’s records, documents and served as a military liaison with commanders, noncommissioned officers and enlisted on a daily basis.
Loaded and fired the following tactical weapons M9, M16, M240, M203, M249, 50 CAL and the 120mm main gun of the M1A1 Abrams tank. Conducted force protections missions in Iraq that over watched 4 million dollars in equipment.
Arnolds park police department, Arnolds Park, IA June 2001 – May 2003
Electronics Security Surveillance Police Officer
Conducted patrol and electronic surveillance of video and radio reconnaissance.
Responded to calls and request from the public to assist at incidents such as criminal activity, domestic disputes, fires and public disorder.
Attended road-related incidents including collisions scenes, vehicle check points and traffic offences; conducting initial investigations, gathering evidence, tasking statements, and complying with relevant legal requirements.
Track and document work performed, to allow accurate reporting of all help desk activities. Complete all tasks and assignments as requested by the Chief Of Police.
Cardio plus, Spirit Lake, IA June 2000 – May 2002
Personal Trainer
Provided one-on-one fitness instructions and training to people desiring a program tailored to their specific needs.
Conducted sessions at health club or client’s home.
Responsible for setting up client’s on a nutrition and weight loss programs.
Record keeping of all inventory and money drops.
Arnolds park amusement park, Arnold Park, IA May 1999 – September 2001
Radio and video Surveillance Security Officer
Train and supervise 15 personnel on security video surveillance and emergencies procedures of the park.
Conducted hourly rounds to ensure that visitors have a safe and pleasant experience..Executed safe crowd control, secured and patrolled entire park area.
Provided armed security escort for all money drops estimated at 50 thousand dollars.
Responsible for training, installing, troubleshooting repair and maintenance for the surveillance system.
Education and Training
Bachelor of Arts With a Concentration in Criminal Justice, Liberty International University, Tampa, FL, May 2011
Criminal Justice Associate Degree, Northwest Iowa Community College, Estherville, IA, May 2002
Diploma, Manning High School, June 1992
Base Expeditionary Targeting and Surveillance System-Combined
PGSS Deployment Technician
TCOM 22M Plus/TCOM 28M System and TIF 25M System
Ground School/Differences Ground School
MX 15i Operations/FLIR 380 HD Operator
Ageon ISR operator/Vista Radar Operator
MEP 804B TQG Generators
Standard Ground Station Operations/Common Ground Control Station
Handling, Launch, and Recovery
Light Wheel Vehicle Mechanic Course
Defensive Tactics Course Advanced Firearms Course
Proficient using Windows, DOS, Excel, Word, Power Point, Access and Outlook Microsoft Windows NT/2000 Course
Computer Applications Course
Microsoft Office Suite Course
Equal Opportunity Course
VACIS (Vehicle And Cargo Inspection Station) 03/2007
Field Radio and Training Officer Course) 01/2007
F.E. Dubose Vocational Adult Educational, Welding Certificate) 11/1995
Certificate of RAID Operator Training) 09/2010
Northwest Iowa College, Peace Officer Certificate of Training) 09/2001
U.S. Army Abrams Crewman School, Advance Individual Training) 04/2003

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