● Time Management ● Organization
● Communicative

● Renewable Energy & Communications Tower Technician Program Certificate
● Authorized Climber and Rescue Certificate ● Level 1 Crane Rigging Certificate
● American Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED Card ● Signalperson Certificate
● OSHA 10-Hour Construction Safety Card ● Capstan Hoist Certificate
● Electrical & Electrical Metering Safety Certificate ● CADWELD Certificate
● Fasteners, Torque, and Tension Certificate

Education and Training
Airstreams Renewables, Inc. 2019
Renewable Energy & Communications Tower Technician Program
Accelerated training on various aspects of electrical, mechanical and technical skills required to safely troubleshoot and
service renewable energy and communication tower equipment with an emphasis on safety.

Career History and Accomplishments
Denison Maintenance Supervisor 02/2014-12/2018
● Changed ballasts, light fixtures, and light bulbs using electrometers, drills and screw drivers and used proper PPE
while repelling
● General maintenance and demolition with jack hammers on concrete jobs
● Finishing concrete with floats, forming boards and leveling to ensure proper drainage
● Snow removal using a bobcat, snow plows and salting the roads to make sure of no injuries
● Drove forklifts to move barriers and equipment to needed areas
● Planned and executed safety measures for traffic and parking for events such as FFA, NFL and NBA games
● Trained employees on proper PPE, situational awareness and their daily duties including painting and moving debris
US Army 11B Infantryman 01/2011-12/2013
● Preventive maintenance on weapons, vehicles, and equipment such as medical supplies, body armor, night optics and
proper PPE using cleaning kits
● Made sure my soldiers and I where battle ready by ensuring that everyone was trained proficiently in every part of
our job

Last Resume Update June 20, 2019
Address Las Vegas
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