08/2016 to 03/2017 Mechanical technician
ERSG – Tioga, North Dakota
Forklift operator
Base-mid crew, installed switch gear boxes/anchored them down. stacked base and mid
sections of tower, torqued Tower sections/performed 10% check on Tower sections.
Installed tower stairs. Vestas 110
Hub installation crew, assembled hubs and placed/torqued onto nacelle.
Top out crew, stacked top section of tower/torqued Tower section. Set nacelle/torqued
nacelle. Called in/set blades and torqued and tensioned blades.
Mcc/punchlist crew, checked/fixed entire tower for mistakes/flipped nuts/flipped washers
etc. Checked/fixed entire nacelle for mistakes, removed yaw boxes, turning gears, pumps
etc. Cleaned tower and nacelle/hub. Checked hub/blades. Removed grounding cables from
blades, installed LCTU's etc. Also installed control box and UPS box etc.
Clean up crew, cleaned up yard/shipped out containers, broke down cranes etc.

04/2016 to 08/2016 Mechanical technician
Wanzek Energy – Kansas
Forklift operator
Offload crew, offloaded Tower sections, nacelle, blades, hubs. Set up crane pads
Cleaning crew, used power washers to clean outside and inside of towers before flying.
Base-mid crew, stacked base and mid tower sections and also torqued them.
Nacelle prep crew, prepared nacelle before flying it, turning gears, yaw motors, yaw boxes,
installed top coolers/FFA light etc.

06/2015 to 03/2016 Solar installation and locating GPS points
Mortensen construction – Milford, Utah
Installed solar panels onto beams and torqued them.
Located gps points for steel piles.

2014 High School Diploma:
Beaver high - Beaver, Utah

CPR/First Aid cert Forklift operator cert
Tower rescue cert Osha certified

Last Resume Update June 5, 2017
Address Cedar City
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