(12/05- 06/08)

To service modems,laying coaxial cable, in setting up customer cable,phone, and internet and wireless

service. Also troubleshooting to component level to fix customer equipment.

Diebold Incorporated, Baltimore, Md. First Line Technician

(03/05 – 11/05)

To service atm machines in replacing ink cartridges,receipt paper,unjamming money, in

fixing machines and running programs and installing software,replacing belts,motors, and sensors.

Pitney Bowes/ Imagistics, Baltimore Md: Electronic Mechanical Technician (01/00 –


To perform excellent customer service in communicating and servicing a clients

multifunction machine. Performing preventive maintenance and servicing multifunction

machines ,programming copiers, in changing drums, corona wires, clutches, testing

circuit boards and changing them using multimeters,sensors, and changing belts on

clutches also networking copiers to computers with software and installing network cards

and cat5e cables to get the job done.


Baltimore City Community College- Fiber Optic Technician: Certification


Network Cable Specialist from C-Tech/Leviton out of New York, Certification


Leviton Certified Installer.

NCTI Core/Video Contract Installer Score 90.0 05/08

Certificate in Computer Technology from Smart I.T. Computer Training for A+, GPA:

90.4, Baltimore Md (1999)

A+ 09/1999

Learned the basic knowledge of computers from installing hardware such as modems,

power supply, floppy drives, and software such as windows95/98, 2000, Xp, windows

NT,Windows 2003 server. Also learned how to configure hardware with installations and

etc. also trouble shooting to component level and diagnosing the problem and repairing

the problem. also installing memory and system boards.

Electronics Of Robotics and Computers from RETS School Of Technology, Baltimore

Md (1999) Gpa. 90.3 Associates Degree

Basic electronics and in operating and servicing Solid State Devices,Industrial and

Digital Electronic Systems, Programmable Logic Controllers, Microprocessors and

Automated Equipment, ac&dc motors,calibrating oscilliscopes, ohmmeters and etc.

Trouble shooting circuits,timers, relays, limit switches,shift regesters, signal tracing, and


Maryland High School Diploma from Frederick Douglass High School, GPA: 85.3,

Baltimore Md (1986)


I volunteered for my first two years to sit on a board for trouble kids with poor attendance

in school for the board of education in Baltimore County. My job was to evaluate the

client to make sure the client was going to every class and signing in the attendance book.

Also making sure each kid was doing good in his or her classes. At the end of the year

each one of my client's attendance was back up to 95% or better.


I'm trained on the panasonic family of copiers analog and digital. I'm also trained on the

minolta analog and digital family of copiers,and sharp,Konica,and 40 different model

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