Hand hydraulic knockout for installation of new two phase AC conduit and T1 transport lines. After engineering and building aforementioned runs. Would proceed to snake and run ten gauge two faze lines to their termination at the new controller breaker box and the main power panel box.
Upon completion, would inspect for proper wiring before providing power to the new controller. Once new server is powered up, would proceed to assist in the snaking and termination of New RF jumpers from tower to controller. Also assist in the post sweeps of the new RF jumpers. After post sweeps pass and server is up and running the server is then handed over to the on and off sight software integration team. After this, would proceed to clean up and button up the sight as well as transport the oldcontroller back to the warehouse.

07/13- 11/13 Sargent Manufacturing, Lab Technician
Performed laboratory building and testing of a variety of mechanical/electromechanical devices related to automated door openers, including key pads /high and low frequency card swipes and controllers. Also configured and built entire bed of nails test system for the aforementioned products.
Completed abuse / destructive and environmental testing of aforementioned

04/13 – 7/13 Duracell Corp., (P&G), Lab Technician
Performed laboratory testing of a variety of mechanical/electromechanical devices and batteries
Completed abuse/destructive testing of aforementioned products.
Compiled test results and generated reports for management.

08/11 – 4/13 Kawasaki Rail car, Test Technician
Responsible for functional test of electric rail-cars for acceptance by Metro North Railroad.
Do static and dynamic testing; troubleshooting and repair.
Customer / vendor interaction to facilitate acceptance of rail-cars.
Interface with engineers, vendors to verify, implement new test procedures, modifications, etc.
Work on all electrical, electronic, pneumatic, and mechanical systems.
Responsible for training new technicians, as well as Metro North personnel, in test procedures and troubleshooting of rail-car systems.
Work with supervisors to assist in documentation, schedule overview, etc.
Assist engineers in troubleshooting as well as supplying practical information about train function, etc.

01/11 – 08/11 Sensor Switch, Inc., Electronic Engineering Technician
Assembled and integrated wiring for entire Jupiter & Jedi PCB test platform system.
Verified all materials received against parts list and documenting any e regularities
Worked directly with engineering and engineering supervisor.
Submitted positive design changes and implemented those changes.
Assisted engineering in prototype additions to the system and their integration.
Stuffed and soldered through hole and surface mount PCBs.
Found and resolved an existing RS-485 problem at PCB level.
Involved with all phases of final testing including using lab view software.
Documented all activities including generating build procedures and schematics and drawings using Visio, open Office and Excel software.

06/09 - 1/10 Duracell Corp., (P&G), Lab Technician
Performed laboratory testing of a variety of mechanical/electromechanical devices.
Completed abuse/destructive testing of aforementioned products.
Compiled test results and generated reports for management.

1/05 - 12/08 Omega Engineering, Inc., Test Technician/Internal Auditor
Able to work on analog and digital circuits with experienced testing to the component level. Ability to work from blueprints and drawings as well as electrical and mechanical schematics.
Performed a wide range of electrical and mechanical trouble shooting operations associated with company and customer owned products. Working directly with customer service and engineering, would inspect and advise root cause and corrective action
Experienced in stuffing, mounting, point-to-point wiring and wire harnessing, soldering and component recognition, and inspection of PCB assemblies. Testing electrical/mechanical equipment, final testing and shipping.
Hands on person with the ability to manage oneself and work independently.
Performed internal audits in all departments of the company. Electronically generated quality assurance audit report and submitted finding as well as issued corrective action reports if needed. Maintained and generating logs on all static stations and wrist straps. Submitted positive procedure changes as well as wrote new procedures for new products and old ones.

10//04 -1/05 A.S.M.L. Corp., Electro/Mechanical/Electronic Technician (Temp.)
Responsible for performing daily machine assemblies in mechanical, electrical, and electronically pneumatically. Also performed diagnostic test and trouble shot any problems.

5/99 - 7/04 Hoffman Engineering Corp., Electronic Technician/Engineering, Assistant/Internal Auditor
Assembled entire mechanical electrical, electronics and photonics units from kits. Tested and calibrated. From stuffing PCB’s to final assembly. Worked from product documentation, constructed and analyzed various circuits using breadboards. Worked independently from Electrical, Electronic, and Mechanical prints.
Assisted directly with engineering in evaluating and documenting new LED based displays in the Lab. Assisted in prototyping, evaluating, and documenting new LED designs from new development team.
Supervised and provided technical support. Also, worked directly with engineering, Q.C., and Lab.
Internal Audited for ISO 9001:2000 & AS9100.
Used automatic test equipment, signal generators, scopes and data probes.
Experienced in analog & digital to component level. Read and work from schematics.
Testing procedures in all levels of final testing department.

11/95 - 5/99 Perkin Elmer Corp., Final Assembler and Test Technician
Final assembly and testing processes troubleshooting.
Logic and linear diagnostic skills. Also, configuring and integrating components to final system. Read print, drawings/schematics. Experienced in stuffing, wiring, soldering, and inspection of PCB assemblies.
Excellent soldering and component recognition skills. Strong attention to detail and good communication skills. Strong mechanical skills with shop tools.


Candidate attended AAS Electrical Engineering.

NASSAU COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Electronic Engineering (1993)
Course: A.A.S. Electronics - Technical, Technician Practices, Resistant Circuit, Electrical Engineering, Network Analysis, Electric Circuits, Electronic Materials and Device.

ISLAND DRAFTING TECHNICAL, INS., Digital Electronic Technician
Courses: Digital and analog electronics, Special emphasis subjects, circuit theory AC/DC, solid state devices, microprocessor principles, digital circuit analysis and AM/FM communications.


8/2007 Completed to perform for the calibration and testing in Compliance with ISO 10012-1, ISO 9001

12/2002 Completed Training Course ISO 9001:2000 & AS9100 Internal Auditor Training.

1/1993 Designed and stuffed PC Boards. Constructed testing breadboards using oscilloscope, signal generator, DVM and data probe to verify truth tables.

5/1991 Assembled Data Probes, Micro Processors, FM Radio and Digital Clocks. Also all Phases of testing on each component.

COMPUTER SKILL: PCs, Windows, DOS, Excel, Word, E-mail, Network. Visio.

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