RF Safety Certification Package

register at RSIThis course is recommended for all persons with the potential to be exposed to RF Radiation while on a worksite. It is a series of two courses designed to provide attendees with the understanding of industry standard best practices for working safely around RF. The participant will have the ability to obtain the necessary knowledge to work safely at locations that may have RF present. Topics include FCC and OSHA requirements, MPE rules, Industry Best management practices for working around RF, as well as information on site signage, site RF Maps and RF personal monitors.

Each course targets specific topics:

RF Safety 101: $150.00
  • RF Safety Best Practices
  • Understanding OSHA’s Action Limits w/ regards to RF Exposure limits
  • High level introduction to site signage
  • Site RF Maps
  • RF Personal Monitors
RF Safety 201: $150.00
  • More in-depth RF Safety basics
  • Review steps to compliance using Best RF Safety Practices
  • Changes regarding MPE rules and compliance requirements mandated by OSHA & FCC

Educate, inform and certify your employees with this cost effective web based training. This course can be updated upon release of any new OSHA or FCC mandates or changes in the Telecommunication industry standards.

Training is interactive. Each course includes trainee testing and certification upon successful completion. Each student must receive a passing score of 80% or higher on the test before they can print their RF Certification Wallet Card. This is a ONE TIME ONLY test and there is a retesting fee for additional opportunities to take the test.

All courses available for review for 90 days from the date of activation. During this time you can go back and review information at any time.

Each course is priced above per person with group discounts available through your RSI customer service representative or purchase both for $250.00.

RSI’s Training is the “Standard for RFR Certification”

RSI Virtual University Courses are available 24 hours / 7 days a week.

RSI Courses are Approved for Category 4 Education
All RSI classes are approved for 50% reimbursement Motorola Co-op

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