Soft Skills: How to Share Other Experiences & Talents on Your Tower Climbing Resume

Much like any job, climbing towers requires a unique set of skills and experience. You need the knowledge and know-how to operate various machines, and safely navigate your way around lifts, ladders, and walkways, and you need the physical strength and endurance to make it through a long day. 

If you’re interested in working as a tower climber, you’ll need to create a resume that lets hiring managers know what you can do. Want a resume that highlights your soft skills, talents, and experiences? Keep reading for details on how to do just that!

Keep the Most Important Information at the Top of Your Resume

Because hiring managers will likely only spend a few seconds glancing over your resume, it’s important to keep the most important information at the top of your resume. This includes your name, address, phone number, and an overview of your experience. You also want to include your education and any certifications you have. If you don’t have any formal training or education, you’ll want to put that at the top of your resume as well.

Include Any Certifications You Have

If you have any certifications related to tower climbing – such as OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 training – you definitely want to include those on your resume. You may also want to include certifications from other industries that are relevant to the job, such as first aid or CPR certifications. You may also want to include certifications that aren’t directly related to tower climbing, but that demonstrate skills that will be helpful on the job, such as a computer certification.

Mention Any Physical Fitness Tests You Passed

If you have passed any physical fitness tests as part of a job or certification, you definitely want to include those on your resume. In addition to a tower climbing resume, you may also have a general job resume that you’ll send to hiring managers, and so your physical fitness test results will be included there. If you have a tower climbing resume, though, it’s a good idea to include them in the “skills” section of your resume.

Mention Any Specialized Training You’ve Completed

If you’ve completed any training specific to tower climbing, you’ll want to include that on your resume. If you completed any training that has helped you become a stronger, more efficient tower climber, such as fall prevention training, you’ll also want to include that on your resume.

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If you’re interested in working as a tower climber and you’ve been doing other types of work, you may be worried about how to share your other experiences on a tower climbing resume. You don’t want hiring managers to see that you’ve been selling pencils or teaching English abroad and think, “Well, this person’s resume isn’t specific to the tower climbing industry, we don’t need to hire them.” 

Fortunately, there are ways to share your other experiences on your tower climbing resume without giving the impression that you don’t have direct tower climbing experience.

Keep the most important information at the top of your resume, include any certifications you have, including physical fitness tests you passed, and mention any specialized training you’ve completed. Once you’ve done that, you can let hiring managers know that you’re ready to climb and reach new heights as an efficient, safe tower climber.

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