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Whether you do construction, road work, handle chemicals, or food processing in a factory, our store has you covered from custom hard hats to safety gloves. We have a wide selection of hard hats, in such models as standard, cowboy, full brim, and bump cap, and hard hats can be customized with a logo or various designs and decors. Like a hard hat, safety gloves protect your hands from abrasions or cuts, and we carry the top brand for safety gloves, Mechanix Wear, as well as gloves made from a combination of leather, Kevlar, or PVC to suit your working environment. Protecting your vision is also important on the job, and Discount Safety Gear carries various safety glasses and goggles for different work environments. While safety glasses are adequate protection for construction sites and factories, safety goggles offer the additional protection needed for chemical safety and for welding. Whether you need a custom hard hat or vision protection, Discount Safety Gear's selection of hard hats, safety gloves, safety glasses, and safety goggles has many designs to suit your needs for work.

Safety gear is important for your protection, as well as for comfort in your work environment. Our range of safety gear includes clothes by Dickies, Carhartt, and other brands and safety equipment like safety signs, harnesses, and specific equipment and gear for welding and handling chemicals. Safety gear is designed to suit your work environment; for example, safety clothing can be insulated or cooling, high visibility, flame retardant, or chemical resistant. Our selection of safety equipment is also designed to suit your industrial work environment, whether you work in a factory or on a construction site.

Some common types of safety gear across all industries are work boots and safety gloves, and many of these are specific to the job requirements. With safety gloves, the materials used range from leather for welding and other heavy-duty gloves, woven material with Kevlar, and nitrile. These safety gloves for work have additional grips on the palm or fingers in some cases and other work gloves have guards on the back of the hand. Work boots are similar, with rubber and slip-resistant boots for some industries and steel toe boots for others like construction that may have falling objects in a work area.

Safety includes more than just the type of equipment and protective gear you need. Discount Safety Gear carries signs and other equipment to keep the work area safe. We have safety signs for all types of work situations and conditions, some even bilingual, and equipment, like first aid and eye wash kits and flashlights, to keep the environment safe for all workers.

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