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Phone #: (404) 720-0084
599 West Crossville Road Roswell, GA 30075, Georgia
ZEMA PRODUCTS, INC. (ZEMA) is a minority owned and operated company that specializes in the research, development, manufacturing, sale and services of products to the Federal and State governments, International, Commercial, and the Private business sector.  ZEMA products and services are offered in the area of Aviation, Telecommunications, Navigation, Surveillance, Engineering, Manufacturing, Installation, and Maintenance.

Zema is a developer and provider of Renewable Energy. The sources of Renewable Energy is currently derived from biomass, solar, and wind sources. Negotiations are underway with major corporations in this industry for Zema to become a Minority Business under their Mentor Protege Program.

ZEMA'S petroleum products (Jet, Diesel, and Kerosene fuels) are offered world wide and accepted as being superior in quality and a very high grade. All products are tested at the highest level and shipped CIF to any safe seaport in the world. Large quantities of petroleum products can be made available upon request by Commercial and Corporate Clients and Federal and State Governments.

ZEMA believes that quality of products and services are critical components for competitiveness and productivity in the global economy.  Coupled with the discipline of applied engineering and manufacturing is a major factor in the standard of living and quality of life.  ZEMA views research and manufacturing of quality products as a pivotal focal point for future technology development.

ZEMA’s approach to producing quality products are planned and organized.  A quality control process is incorporated in the company to ensure that quality products are delivered to the customers. 

ZEMA’s design engineers, integration specialists, and other professionals have a high standard of performance that enables the company to meet and exceed the expectations of the customers.  Each project and product has “value added” support that includes configuration management, integrated logistics support, life cycle engineering, and quality assurance.

ZEMA stands by its commitment to quality and excellence.  The employees join in with this commitment by maintaining the optimum level of interaction with the customers to ensure that final products and services are delivered on time and within the scope of the customer’s needs and objectives.

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599 West Crossville Road Roswell, GA 30075, Georgia

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