The Dirty Secrets Of Hiring A Recruiter (See Shocking Answers Inside!)

towerclimber vs recruiterSo you are thinking about hiring a Recruiter?

Well, then think again!

It may sound like a good idea, until you see the cost of actually hiring one.

Here’s the thing: according to, the average pay for a Recruiter is a whopping $45,222 per year.

And here’s the kicker – according to CNN, the actual cost is always 20% higher. So that works out to  about $54,266.40/year ($4,522.20/month)!

And when you compare that excessive monthly outlay to a monthly membership
cost of $399.95 at,  then I think its an absolute no brainer!

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Still not convinced? Okay, let’s go through some of the job duties of a recruiter that can also be performed by

* Builds applicant sources by researching and contacting community services, colleges, employment agencies, recruiters, media, and internet sites; providing organization information, opportunities, and benefits.

* Attracts applicants by placing job advertisements; contacting recruiters, using newsgroups and job sites.

* Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; reading
professional publications; maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations.

* Accomplishes human resources and organization mission by completing related results as needed.

I am sure you would agree with me that the above is one hell of a jobscope, and Tower Climber can perform them all with minimal fuss…and starting at only $399.95/month, this is an absolute steal:

And remember, we talked about the excessive cost of hiring a recruiter at the beginning of this article?

Well, those figures haven’t included:

* Social Security Tax – This is the largest portion of the†payroll tax†paid by employers.

* Medicare tax – This is the second part of the employer’s payroll tax, and it contributes to the nation’s†Medicare system.

* State unemployment insurance: That assumes the 50-state average unemployment insurance rate of 2.8% on the average wage cap of $16,488.

* Health care insurance benefits: This is by far the highest expense for any boss, and it’s one that most small businesses don’t skimp on.

And no, we are not done yet!

Retirement plans like the 401(k) are another expense that the business owner has to bear. The  average company contribution in  401(k) plans is 2.5% of an worker’s
salary, according to researchers  at the nonprofit†Plan Sponsor  Council of America.

When you add these taxes and  retirement plans to the average cost of hiring a recruiter, then the final amount will make the monthly Tower Climber membership fee of $399.95/month look like a drop in a big bucket!

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