Tower Climbers Are in High Demand Right Now (And How to Find Them)

Tower climbers have always been able to depend on strong demand for their services and that hasn’t changed. Today, the demand for tower climbers is stronger than ever before. While that’s good news for tower climbers, it’s difficult for employers that are trying to find new candidates to hire. Here’s what you need to know about the demand for tower climbers and how to find them!

Why Is the Demand so High?

As an employer, you’ve seen relatively strong demand for tower climbers in the past, but not like this. The nearly insatiable drive for new cell towers has certainly played a part in the current situation, but it’s not the whole story. 

Like other folks from different professions, many tower climbers chose to take advantage of unemployment benefits while they could. Why risk your neck climbing around in the clouds when you can sit around and get paid for it? It might not be noble, but for many tower climbers that had families and were wary of the risks, it made sense to get out of the game for a while.

This means that the competition over tower climbers that are still willing to work has been fierce. Employers have been struggling to find qualified candidates before they either get snatched up by a competitor with a more attractive offer or they just tap out and go on unemployment. 

Hiring a Tower Climber Today

As you might have noticed, hiring a tower climber today has become increasingly difficult. The most important aspect of hiring a tower climber today is knowing where to look for them. There are still plenty of highly skilled, hardworking candidates out there, you just have to find them. 

Where to Look

If you’re in serious need of a tower climber, you’ve got to know where to look for them. Some employers have resorted to social media networks like Facebook to help get the word out there and connect with people that can dredge up a tower climber that’s willing to work. 

Of course, you could always try Craigslist, but is it really worth the risk? Instead of a tower climber looking for a job you might find a crazed stalker instead. 

By the time most employers get desperate, they place an ad in the classified section of their local newspaper. Some even place ads in newspapers from a few towns over. While this might have worked back in the day, it’s not the right approach for today’s job market.

The single best and most effective solution is to join a robust and respected network like and start connecting with qualified candidates who are looking for work. 

Hiring a Tower Climber the Smart Way, with Tower Climber

If you’ve lost patience with Facebook, Craigslist, or even the classifieds section in your local newspaper, it’s time to start sourcing candidates the smart way, with Tower Climber. Here at Tower Climber, we curate a vast network of talented tower climbers looking for work. 

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