Tower Climbing Road Warriors: Ways to Stay Healthy on the Road

Being a tower climber is more than being someone who works in the tower climbing industry, it’s about being an adventurer. Your career as a tower climber can take you to some amazing places. That said, if you’re going to do the job and take the journey, you’ll need to prepare yourself as a road warrior. 

Why Tower Climbers Need to be Road Warriors

Tower climbers often have to travel long distances between jobs to work on different towers. This means every tower climber should also think of themselves as a road warrior. When you’re traveling long distances it’s important to keep any essential items on hand in case you’re either stuck at a job site longer than anticipated or if it will take you several hours to reach the tower.

1. Stay Hydrated

When you’re traveling long distances to different towers, it’s important to stay hydrated. Although drinking a soda here and there won’t hurt anything, you should still make an effort to bring plenty of hydrating fluids like water, Powerade, etc. 

Some towers are very remote which means it’ll be a long way back if you get dehydrated and didn’t bring any extra water. 

2. Bring a Cell Charger

As a tower climber on the road your cell phone can be as much as a lifeline as the safety cables you use on the job. If you’ve left a lot of tabs open on your phone and you’re driving several hours away for work, the battery on your phone probably won’t make it for the full trip there and back. Bring a charger that you can plug into the vehicle to keep your cell charged while traveling. 

3. Bring Extra Sunblock! 

One of the things that many tower climbers forget to pack on long journeys and inevitably regret not having on hand, is sunblock. When you’re working on a tower, your skin is typically exposed to a great deal of sunlight.

Tower climbers are accustomed to working in the elements which is why they should always have some reliable sunblock on hand. There’s nothing worse than seeing your skin red as a stoplight because you got severely sunburned on the job. 

4. Pack Snacks to Keep Your Strength Up

While packing snacks might seem like a no-brainer, make sure you have the right kind of nacks, that means packing something more nutritious than potato chips. Another thing you should consider when packing snacks to bring on long journeys to tower climbing job sites is the temperature. Don’t bring anything that’ll melt on your way over. 

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