A & W Communications

A & W Communications now has two full-service tower crews to serve you. We erect new towers of all types and sizes, including “flagpoles” in areas with restrictions on new tower construction. We install antenna systems and tower light monitoring systems. We perform tower site inspections, providing the customer with a detailed report as well […]

Genave Electronics

The decoders can detect two standard types of communications signals. 1 – DTMF: This type of signaling is commonly referred to as “Touch-Tone” and is the same type as used on most telephones. The RXC decoders allow you to use up to sixteen different telephone numbers to control it. You can use a particular number […]

Noetic, Inc

Noetic, Inc. is a vertically integrated distribution company offering an assortment of services to facilitate the delivery of innovative products to market. Our value added services include product sourcing, product development, import logistics, warehousing, distribution logistics, reverse logistics, sales, marketing, and technical support.

SLC Distributing

Attention Firestik customers – If we don’t have it in stock your order will be shipped from the factory in Phoenix usually on the same day you order and still without sales tax! We do not publish a hard copy catalog so don’t ask. Click Here for the reasons why.

Roger’s Two Way Radio

To browse our selection of Radios, click on the radio of your choice to view the details. We have other brands available.

Roe Comm.,Inc.

Roe-Comm. has been providing extraordinary wireless solutions to Southwest Michigan customers. Founded in 1950 by Wayne and June Roe, the company was first operated out of their home. During this first decade, the Roes formed an alliance with Motorola, officially making Roe-Comm. an authorized Motorola Service Station (MSS). The mid eighties brought the company new […]

ComSource, Inc.

ComSource, Inc was formed in 1995 when Motorola expressed an interest in selling some of their service facilities. ComSource is a product of the combination of Motorola’s North Metro Service Center with Portable Communication, Inc (PCI). For over 15 years, North Metro Service center was a service only facility providing quality service in the Detroit […]

Vocal Laboratories Inc.

Vocal Laboratories Inc. (Vocalabs) helps leading brands improve customer service by collecting timely and actionable feedback about customer experiences. We interview customers immediately after a customer service call, retail store visit or other experience while the customer’s memory of the experience is still fresh. Using our powerful hosted survey and reporting platform, clients discover and […]

Navtronics, LLC

Navtronics gives you peace of mind that your marine outfitting is done professionally and to the highest quality standards in the industry. Our marine electronics and marine safety divisions are under one roof, so customizing your boat is an easy, efficient and clean process. Your time on the water should be safe and hassle-free. Our […]

mWAVE Industries, LLC

Scala Electronic Corporation was founded in California in 1954 and operated there until 1979 when operations were moved from the San Francisco area to Medford, Oregon. In 1985, Scala began its alliance with the Kathrein Group of companies, the worldwide leader in professional antenna systems, by distributing certain Kathrein antennas for the emerging cellular market. […]