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The decoders can detect two standard types of communications signals.

1 - DTMF:
This type of signaling is commonly referred to as "Touch-Tone" and is the same type as used on most telephones. The RXC decoders allow you to use up to sixteen different telephone numbers to control it. You can use a particular number to turn something on, another to turn it off, and still have fourteen other number slots available to perform other control actions.

To send the Dtmf control code to the RXC you can use a normal encoder such as a dispatch console, a dedicated encoder or a portable radio with a Dtmf keypad.

2 - Two-tone
With the optional two-tone decoder, an RXC can detect and act upon normal two-tone and single-tone paging codes. Two-tone signals are often used to activate pagers for firemen, ambulance crews and public works employees, as well as to control outdoor and indoor warning sirens and equipment. The RXC has twenty programmable slots available for tone decoding. You can program it to respond to existing paging signals to activate with other equipment (for example when the fire department gets called out), or give it several unique new codes which only it understands.

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