4 Signs Your Ready for a Career As a Tower Climber

Being a tower climber can be a great career, the advantages are plentiful and the risks are relatively low as long as you’re careful and well-trained. Strange is it may seem, most kids don’t wake up one day and say that they want to be a tower climber when they grow up, it’s something that people become attracted to later in life after they’re grown.

As a profession, tower climbing is challenging yet highly rewarding which makes it somewhat surprising that more people don’t pursue it early on. What are some of the signs that you’re ready to start your career as a tower climber? You’re about to find out!

First of all, for most people, the very first sign that indicates they’d be a terrific tower climber is the moment when they discover that they’re not afraid of heights. Although every tower climber, no matter how experienced, should always be mindful of heights, it’s important not to be afraid of them.

1. You’ve Already Been Talking with Other Tower Climbers
Any time you break into a new profession, one of the best things that you can do for yourself is to talk to other people already in the field. The more that you talk to folks who are already in the tower climbing business, the less you’ll have to learn later on. Hearing their experiences will also give you a feel for if tower climbing is right for you.

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a tower climber in the future and haven’t talked with anyone in the business, you should seek out an experienced tower climber to speak with at your earliest convenience.

2. You Don’t Want to Go to College
Most of us have the idea of going to college drilled into our heads from a young age. Friends recommend it, family members insist on it. It’s the family members who really push the idea that you need to go to college as if there are no other ways to make a decent living.

Many of us accept these forceful nudges, grudgingly concede, and end up burying ourselves in a mountainous pile of debt in the form of student loans. Many young people who are pressured into going to college get bogged down in debt before their degree does them any good. The bitter struggle with student loans has created a conundrum and a harsh situation in which many are trapped financially for doing what they were told was the right thing to do since as long as they can remember.

For those of you who are resistant to the idea of going to college whether for lack of finances or more private reasons, there are alternatives. You don’t need to go to college to be a tower climber. However, you do need to start out by learning the trade, understanding safety and obtaining the proper training and certifications. Read more about this in our last blog post.

3. You’re Interested in Cellular or Communications Technology
If you have a strong interest in cellular or communications technology, but don’t want to study complicated college courses like computer science or network engineering, tower climbing might be right for you!

It’s important to remember that you don’t always have to specialize in something just because you’re interested in it. For example, instead of studying to be someone who designs cell towers or engineers complex cellular technologies, you can be a tower climber and get just as much enjoyment or more out of your profession.

4. You Are Adventurous and Like to Challenge Yourself
Tower climbing attracts a certain caliber of person. It attracts people who enjoy excitement and like to challenge themselves. When you pursue a career as a tower climber, you’ll never be tied down with the tedium of a desk job, there will be a new challenge every day.

The tower climbers who see life as an adventure tend to excel at their jobs, and for good reason, tower climbing is an adventure, a very rewarding one at that.

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