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Tibruron Associates
Government Contractor/ Electronic Technician
Jul 2011 - May 2012

■ Routed and connected wires to form wire harness (cable) used in electrical and electronic equipment or systems. ■ Reviewed instructions, such as circuit diagrams, work orders, engineering specifications, manufacturer manuals, electronic equipment modifications, and field change notices to determine materials needed and sequence of assembly. ■ Selected wires of specified color, marking, or length, and looped wires between guide pegs on harness board, following color-coded lines or sequential numbers on board or diagram. ■ Wrapped and tied wires together at designated points to form harness, both manually and utilizing a tie-wrap gun. ■ Attached ends of wires to components, plugs, or terminal strip, using soldering iron and crimping device. ■ Inserted cable in plastic tubing or inject plastic sealant around terminals to protect cable from dust and moisture. ■ Utilized continuity tester to test wire continuity of completed cables.

Record Herald Newspaper
Offset Press Operator
Nov 2006 - Aug 2010

■ Work with prepress technicians to identify and resolve any potential problems with a job. ■ Install printing plates with the images to be printed and adjust the pressure at which the machine prints. ■ Load ink fountains with new colors as required. ■ Load paper and adjust the press to the paper size. ■ Ensure the paper and ink meet specifications, and adjust the flow of ink to the inking rollers accordingly. ■ Feed paper through the press cylinders and adjust feed and tension controls. ■ Monitor printing press operation and keep the paper feeders well stocked. ■ Monitor printing press during operation to identify problems and when necessary make quick corrections to avoid expensive losses of paper and ink. ■ Regularly pull newspapers throughout the press run to check for any printing imperfections and make adjustments to correct as needed. ■ Clean inking rolls with solvent and replaces them in press using hand tools. ■ Perform preventive maintenance, includes oiling and cleaning the press and making minor repairs. ■ Clean and maintain the film and plate developing machines.

Hub Labels, Inc
Ink/ Die Room Manager
Jan 2003 - Nov 2006

■ Mixed ink from Pantone guide and custom color matching. ■ Maintained inventory and was responsible for ordering supplies ■ Performed ink testing to check color accuracy and viscosity ■ Maintained die inventory including shipping and receiving dies to external companies for repair. ■ Performed testing to check die sharpness and accuracy. ■ Worked in conjunction with the prepress technicians to setup jobs.

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