tower climber

I believe that I can bring to the table ten plus
years of construction, and electronics
experience, and will ma
ke me an asset to your company, I have
a proven record of productivity and safety that will improve both our goals to achieve success thru productivity.

I thank you in advance for taking the time to read my resume, and I look forward to hear from
you at y our earlier convenience.


Alexander Serrano


1998-2000 Windmill Tech

Blattner is
a company that sp ecializes in the construction of wind mill farms in the northern states, thru this company I did extensive installation of the such, this job included:

Ground work, grounding grids, cage work and concrete pouring, structure installations by cranes mainly, also coax installation, cabinets, electrical and electronic systems.

Did also extensive installation of lightning systems, and light systems to ensure the safety of the structure.

tower services Entry level to lead man)

As an entry level tech in the communications i
ndustry I started working on a civil crew, doing reinforcements and beef ups to support new structures within the tower, also did ground w
ork, digging, pipe and c onduct
laying, extensive electronics and
grounding grids, cad
welding, cabinet work, building of towers by helicopter, cranes, gin poles ,

Also have done extensive stacking of new structures like monopoles, self supports and guyed wire structures, I
am very familiar with the installation and reinf
orcement of all tower by stacking
, adding angles or adding sleeves to an structure.

Familiar with modif ications and installation of all major carriers,
familiar with coax and hybrid installation and all the nece ssary hardware to successfully complete a job.

amiliar with the installation of guyed wires, plumbing and tension as well.

Famili ar with color coding, troubleshoo
ting and installation of E 911 GPS and regular gps
familiar with cad welding and mechanical ,
Familiar with lightning systems and their installation, updates of flash plates, and replacements, also very familiar with grounding systems,
lightning rods, dispersers, familiar with spa alignment tools.

Familiar with rigging, boom raising, new installations and de
m s of
all major carriers.

Familiar with tower mods, painting, water tanks painting, sandblasting, water
blasting, etc

Also I
am very familiar with tower inspections, mappings and all necessary software to close a p
ackage, familiar wi th C
astle, A
Tower, N avy, coast guard, and other major tower owner
software, requirements and procedures.

in 2006 was promoted to QC and safety ,
in charge of
dealing wit h all daily activities, and the coordination of
general activities, like hiring and retention, and the training and enforcing of rules and regulat ions of 3
crew s
, doing job a
s s
es s
ments, walk thru s and
also did extensive safety and quality inspections upon request.


As of right now, I have up to dat
e, the following certif ications,
OSHA 10,
Oil field safety, H2s,
confined space, rigging, Com
traim ,
C PR and first aid, RF
awareness ,
Andrews and ppc connectors, have
a valid dot card, with a good
driving record and background.

I do not
smoke, drink or do drugs of any kind, I am clean cut and always
presentable to the clients and all in general, I pride myself in doing safe and prompt work, and I always close my packages on time.

EDUCATION: Church of God, Indiana, 1996- 1998

I thank you for reading my resume .

S incerely

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Address Cole Camp
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Spanish Speaking? Yes
Willing to Relocate? Yes
Years Experience 10 plus

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