follow authority figures; they follow people that they believe in or that intrigue them. I have lead four

ministries that vary in size and leadership structure. In all four cases, the programs grew in number and

were in a healthier state when I departed. I am a natural leader because I trust and respect everyone. I am

very approachable and desire to humbly lead people by modeling a work ethic of a servant.

I also have a heart for management. As most of my employments have been in church work, the overall

spectrum of working with people in a ministry environment is very similar to a business management

environment. I have developed, managed, and implemented all my financial budgets as well as had many

interns, adult workers, and student workers. I have planned and structured curriculum, marketing

strategies, websites, logos, medical releases, mission trips, camps, retreats, fund raisers, events, etc. In

each one of these items, I have been in charge of multiple participates as well as workers. I have

spearheaded very large projects as well as ones that have been very small. I am very much a team player

and coordinator when it comes to creating a program.

I have skilled in creative marketing. I believe this characteristic sets me apart for most people. I am wired

to think outside the box, develop problem solving strategies, create catchy ideas and slogans, speak

comfortably to various crowds (1-700+), develop lifelong relationships with customers, and reimagine

product and company performance and growth.

I strongly believe that my abilities to serve people, solve problems, and network with creative

sale/marketing strategies will be an asset to your company. With this being said, I am looking for an

opportunity to invest in for a long time. My desire is to find a community in which I fully believe in, and

have a great long lasting partnership. I foresee that this position may have a learning curve and a few

growing pains, but I am willing to work as hard as possible to succeed.

I believe my experiences and track record make me an excellent fit for this opportunity. I have enclosed

my resume for your consideration. Please feel free to contact me via phone or email at a time of your

Last Resume Update December 27, 2014
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