management, training, and Safety. I have excelled at all of these positions.

I am an extremely fast learner with advancement always in mind. I am eager to

develop new skills. I have always performed above expectations with impressive

results. I am an asset to any department.

Thank you for your consideration.


Prompt Learner Exceptionally social with ability to

build great workplace relationships

Strong, respected leader Ability to effectively deal with

other people, especially other

company personnel, to enlist

needed cooperation in

implementing regulatory

requirements. .

Excellent technical writing skills. Proficient in Microsoft Office

software with particular emphasis

on Microsoft Excel , PowerPoint,

and Word

Strong organizational skills in all Ability to recognize issues and

aspects of business develop solutions


DISTRICT Safety Supervisor 03/2010 to Present

PRINCE TELECOM/CAVO Broadband Communications – South Holland, IL

Regularly ensures proper alignment with corporate safety programs and protocols.

Proactive in the establishment of safety goals and objectives which set CAVO

Broadband Communications, LLC apart as the employer of choice and coordinate

safety training and safety communication platforms designed to prevent accidents.

Monitor safety regulations established at the corporate level and provide technical

support to field personnel to ensure compliance with all corporate, Federal and

State safety regulations.

Develop measures to identify and report trends to ensure requisite focus of effort is

achieved as necessary to meet and exceed all safety and training goals and


Active participation in investigations of all vehicular and workers compensation

accidents to determine cause and effect of accident and report same to the

Corporate Safety Director. Develop recommendations to reduce and/or eliminate

future accidents.

Assist front line employees with all work related tasks while ensuring full safety

compliance per company safety program.

50% travel to all locations within the district

Commerciall Installation Technition 04/2009 to Present


Regularly climb ladders on or near utility poles and other structures when required to

perform installation.

Plan, map, and execute all communications wiring to equipment.

Install routers and configure workstations (basic networking).

Cube Upgrade to include but not limited to transferring of e-mail accounts, configuring

new cubesettings DNS, Domain setting, setting up new e-mail accounts, customer


Troubleshoot, diagnose, repair and replace equipment as needed.

Answer any and all questions about the installation and give instructions

Document signal level readings and signal leakage as required.

Responsible for company and customer assets.

Lead Project Supervisor 03/2004 to 06/2008



Proactively address employee concerns in an effort to satisfy the employee and

ensure compliance with stated policies.

Train Installers to perform the standard installation procedures and provide technical

advice to the members of the team/department.

Coach, counsel and evaluate field technician's performance.

Communicate all project issues and concerns to immediate supervisor in a timely

and professional manner.

Open and close the office when needed.

Ensure bi-weekly inspections are performed on vehicles.

Perform regular “ride-outs” to ensure quality, safety and customer service

requirements are being met.

Ensure that employees are adhering to all safety requirements and regulations and

lead or assist in weekly Safety Meetings.

Lead or assist with Weekly Employee Communication/Safety Meetings.

Listen and resolve employee issues and concerns quickly.

Minimum 50% of time spent in the field helping technicians exceed performance

metrics standards

Perform minimum of 2 JSO's per technician on a monthly basis

Manage company safety program including

Quality Control

Identify, monitor and address problem areas and customer service/quality control

issues and complaints.

Establish workable quotas.

Perform Quality Control Inspections

Resolve escalated customer issues quickly and in a manner that satisfies the

customer; educate employees associated with the issue to resolve such issues

without escalation.

Investigate and or resolve all trouble calls after install and damages.

Perform various Technician duties as needed, including but not limited to, carrying

and climbing a ladder when necessary.

Analysis and Documentation

Complete all paperwork & record and track all overtime. Maintain and update

trouble call, damages and QC logs.

Monitor completion percentage and verify all non-completed jobs

Compile daily reports: job schedules and jobs completed for each technician

Note all reasons for why jobs could not be completed

Demonstrate standard practices for installation procedures.

Assist in the monitoring of revenues generated by tech and the profitability

of technicians.


High School Diploma: Standard

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