( PRESENT-2013)
Westower=site forman ,$26 an hour
run crew ,mount change outs,closeouts,sweep,pim, 1&2c
lte installs,fiber test,worked at&t,sprint,t-mobile
(2013 - 2006)
HOLEMS INC = Project Foreman,salary=2,000 week
We do T-Mobile up grades ,AT&T up grades and LTE installs, also do sweeps
Closeouts run crews,stack,tiger team all carriers
(2006 -2003)
AMX = Site Foreman,salary=$24 a hour
Did AT&T up grades Sprint - Nextel upgrades, T-Mobile upgrades , Ran crew, Did sweeps , closeouts , Stack Towers Did colocate

(2003 - 2000)
Midwest Underground = Tower Forman,$20 a hour
Stack Tower ,Ran Crew, Build Out Colocate for verizon , T- Mobile,

(2000 -1999)
SBA = Tower journey=foreman=salary=$17 a hour
Stack Tower, Civil Concert Pads Did Collocates , Ran Crews
CPM :Tel Com = Team Leader ,salary=17 a hour
Did upgrades for Ameritech , on the Light Span 2000 for the year
2000 upgrade that was so when time roll over we don’t go dark
(1998 - 1994)
Drax wireless = Climber , Welder / Fab=salary=$18 a hour
Put corals on top of water tanks for cell sites , Put messenger pipe
Up for coax ,ran lines, all of the water tank work I had to weld and then did
Installs ,antennas,coax
J & R Steal & Welding =Welder/Fab=salary=$ 17 an hour
Made Ornamental railing fence , Fabrication on I Beams that we
Put in buildings,Made Stairs

Language : ENGLISH

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Address West Memphis
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Willing to Relocate? Yes
Years Experience 20yrs

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