Tower Technician

WamCom - Las Vegas, NV -

October 2017 to Present

Tower Tech Apprentice

X3 Management. - Las Vegas, NV -

August 2017 to October 2017

Tower hand apprenticeship.

Site Surveyor

Civil Solutions Incorporated - Las Vegas, NV -

March 2016 to August 2017

Site surveying for new macro and mini macro cell towers. Various tower hand duties. Company ended up
pulling out of the Las Vegas market.

Drive Test Engineer

Global Technology Associates - Reston, VA -

August 2015 to October 2015


Responsibilities include: Drive testing using QXDM and JDSU software. Recording LTE DL & UL values, as
well as ping, ookla, and MT and MO test scenarios.

Drive Test Engineer

Fusion Solutions - Addison, TX -

July 2015 to August 2015

This short term contract was exclusively E911 live and simulation call testing.
Drive Test Engineer

Global Technology Associates - Reston, VA -

November 2014 to February 2015


Responsibilities include: Drive testing throughout Columbia SC as well as Savannah GA using Xcal recording
LTE, CDMA, and long call, short call data.

Drive Test Engineer

CSS Corp - Richardson, TX -

May 2013 to November 2014


Responsibilities include: I was doing shakedowns as well as cluster drives using TEMS 14.6 and 15.6.4, Iperf/
Putty & Streets and Trips software. I worked closely with Customers to make sure the site I was testing was
optimized to its acceptable potential. If any problems arose I would contact Ericsson NDS and we would
determine what the problem was and try to correct it if possible. Some times they would request me for oddball
jobs such as redoing a part of a cluster that failed to meet minimum passing as well as redoing a part of a
shake down that did not pass. After Iowa market went on hiatus I was asked to go to Maine market and help
with fill in sites. I did basically the same thing as in Iowa only we had a really short time span to test so an
average day would be to do a shakedown on band 5 & 12 then an SSV (small cluster around towers) drive on
both bands 5 & 12. I also did in building pre and post WiFi testing using Air Magnent software.
Skills: TEMS, streets and trips, Putty / Iperf, Hyper Terminal, Air Magnent.

Drive Test Engineer

Nexius Solutions - Allen, TX -

June 2012 to December 2012


Responsibilities include: CDMA, EVDO, LTE cluster drives, scanner drives and SLD optimization testing using
various equipment setups. CDMA testing includes running four phones simultaneously to determine weak
coverage areas. EVDO requires four phones downloading and uploading data constantly. For LTE, I use a
single phone doing both download and upload at the same time. I would report the total allowable number
of throughput I saw as well as the amount of dropped, traffic-fail and successful calls I recorded. Record
PN & PCID numbers and confirm they are coming from the correct antenna. Report any anomalies such as
failure to hand over or cable swaps to to the customers techs to determine possible resolutions. Respond to
customer complaints by doing a detailed drive of the area. Working some weeks on call or overnight during
the maintenance window. I would also do custom scenario tests if asked by the customer.

Drive Test Engineer

Envision Wireless - Las Vegas, NV -

July 2009 to February 2011
Responsibilities include: Testing and driving throughout the Las Vegas valley using various setups.
SLD testing to verify system availability and health. Trouble ticket resolution, daily, weekly and monthly drives
of the Las Vegas area to determine weak spots in need of improvement. Determine root-cause and corrective
action. Record preamble and PCI numbers to confirm they are coming off of the correct sector. In building
testing using air magnet,. Analyze all recorded data. I would also do custom scenario tests if asked by the

Customer Service, Cashier

Photo Lab -

April 2008 to November 2008

Customer service

Walgreens - North Las Vegas, NV -

November 2007 to January 2008

cash handling, maintained the film and paper processors. Ordered expense items like chemistry, paper,
envelopes, labels and so forth in order to operate the lab. Performed minor repairs to the processors.

Driver Aide
November 2007 - January 2008
UPS | Las Vegas, NV
Carried, pushed & pulled packages up to 100 pounds in weight manually, without the use of fork trucks, pallet
jacks or other mechanized equipment.


Electrical Engineering and Computer Information Systems

College of Southern Nevada

2010 to 2012


Drive Testing (6 years), RF Field Tech (6 years)



RF Engineering support
Trouble ticket resolution
Drive Testing
Customer Service

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