Construction Manager

to gain experience in a wide variety of construction projects proved to be a
passion. The challenges and camaraderie present within an elite communication
company environment are unmatched. Strive to complete tasks in a safe,
professional and timely manner . Trained to deliver a standard setting product to
the customer on schedule.


*Construction Management
*Guy Wire Change outs
*Tower Erection
*Antenna & line installation
*Lighting Systems
*Tower Inspections
* Field Engineering
*Mechanical Drafting
*Subject Matter Expert

  • High School
    Levy County High School
  • Total Years Experience
    14 yrs.
  •  Language Capabilities


  • Certifications
  • Andrews Connector Training
  • NE Fla Safety Council
    construction site safety &
    orientation course
  • Commtrain tower climbing,
    safety & rescue certificate.
  • Anritsu Line Sweep Cert
  • Competent Climber / Fall
    Protection Instructor Course
  • JEA Substation Training
  • CPR / First Aid
  • Radiofrequency Safety
    International Corp.
    Course A1, A2, A3
    OSHA Policies and Rules
  • PIM Test Cert.


Project Experience –

  • United States Army (Ft Stewart, GA)
    1997 to 2001
    Corporal in the United States Army- Infantryman, Stationed in a Rapid
    Deployment Unit, trained extensively in the art of Desert Warfare, signal, and
    scouting the enemy.
     Awarded the Army Achievement Medal.
     Awarded an Expert Infantryman’s Medal.
     Awarded the National Defense Service Medal.
     Awarded the Over Seas Service Medal.
     Honorable Discharge in 2001.


  • Cingular, (Southeast Region)
    2001 to 2004
    Tower Technician for Angle Tower Corp. – Installed and path-aligned
    Microwave antennas for US Cellular (purchased by Cingular and then later by
    AT&T) in N. Florida and S. Georgia.
     Assembled & installed microwave dishes.
     Installed elliptical wave guide.
     Conducted path alignment to achieve best possible signal between two
     Installed Diversity Microwave systems on tower.
     Inspected and maintained cellular communication towers throughout the
    entire Southeast United States.


  • Florida Gas Transmission (Tallahassee, FL)
    2003 to 2006
    Construction Foreman for Angle Tower Corp.-Conducted annual EIA/TIA tower
    inspections for the communication towers at each of the compression stations
    throughout the Southeast.
     Utilized transit to confirm tower linearity.
     Utilized Dynamometer to verify guyed wire tension.
     Utilized Meg Tester to check grounding system.
     Completed full EIA/TIA Inspection on tower structure, guy wires and
    anchor points
     Performed maintenance and upgrades to the tower structure to bring
    tower within conformance of industry tolerances.


  • COX Radio AM Tower Array (Baldwin, FL)
    11/2004 to 12/2004
    Construction Foreman for Angle Tower Corp. – Removed and replaced AM
    tower base insulators while towers remained erected.
     Fabricated a frame to support tower base while suspended.
     Utilized a system of hand operated come-alongs to suspend each 250’
    tower during the removal and replacement of tower base insulators.
     Utilized transit/dynamometer system to bring plumb and tension within
     Changed ceramic insulators on 6 separate towers within the array.


  • Central Florida Electric (Levy County, FL.)
    02/2006 to 02/2007
    Construction Foreman for Angle Tower Corp. – Constructed new communication
    towers and antenna systems at the new facility and (2) substations.
     Laid out tower foundations and anchor points.
     Assembled rebar cages for anchors and tower base
     Excavated earth for anchors and base.
     Poured anchors and tower base foundations.
     Erected towers and installed antenna systems.


  • WCJB Television Broadcast (Williston, FL)
    05/2007 to 06/2007
    Construction Foreman for Angle Tower Corp. - Decommissioned outdated
    lighting system on 1000’ Broadcast tower, installed an updated TWR lighting
    system within maintenance window.
     Rigged tower to utilize hoist during install.
     Set up trolley system to efficiently raise loads to and from the work
     Removed & replaced existing lighting system and wiring with new
     Successfully passed third-party inspection upon completion of work.
     Kept a Daily, up to date, and site specific safety log.


  • WKTK FM Radio Station (Morriston, FL)
    11/2007 to 12/2007
    Construction Foreman for Angle Tower Corp. - Decommissioned existing
    conduit and wiring on WKTK’s 1350’ FM Broadcast tower. Installed updated
    Flash Technologies lighting system controller, new conduit, and rewired the
    system utilizing all of the existing high intensity lights.

 Troubleshoot lighting system utilizing multi-meter.
 Used wiring schematics to trace circuits.
 Cleared lighting alarms in all modes.
 Keep a Daily, up to date, and site specific safety log.


  • T-Mobile (Atlanta, GA)
    Construction Foreman for Angle Tower Corp- Responsible for cellular upgrades.
    Installed antennas, TMA’s, and transmission lines to existing sites in and around
    Atlanta, Georgia.
     Coordinated with Nokia and Boran telecom to upgrade current GSM
    cellular system to include new UMTS equipment.
     Built site-specific configurations for cellular servers.
     Provided specific close-out package to customer including requested
    sweeps and photo log of installation.
     Keep a Daily, up to date, and site specific safety log.


  • Wes-Tec (Alabama)
    Construction Foreman for Angle Tower Corp. - Responsible for antenna system
    upgrades involved with the merger of Verizon and Optasite.
     Install updated antennas and tower mounted amps.
     Run new transmission line where needed to comply with the new
    antenna configuration.
     Preform “cut-overs” during maintenance window minimizing customer
    down time.
     Keep a Daily, up to date, and site specific safety log.


  • Black & Veatch, Mediaflo Projects (Eastern U.S.)
    Construction Foreman / Manager for Angle Tower Corp.-Responsible for
    new Digital Television Broadcast Systems. Transmission line up to 4” diameter.

 Conduct scatter study of tower, providing Radio Frequency Engineers
with information about tower member sizes, Transmission line locations,
and anything that would cause a reflection of the Digital signals.
 Create a “Rigging Plan” to assure a timely and safety efficient install.
 Provide support during “RF” Engineer test of system quality and
 Keep a Daily, up to date, and site specific safety log.


  • World Tower Company (Southeast)
    02/09 - 05/2010
    Construction Foreman / Manager for Angle Tower Corp. – Responsible
    for tower erection and antenna installation for World Tower customers.
     Receive and unload trucks during tower delivery.
     Inventory and inspect materials to be used.
     Observe rigging plan compared to lift plan ensuring Working Load
    Limits are not exceeded during the tower erection.
     Keep a Daily, up to date, and site specific safety log.


  • Black &Veatch/AT&T Turf LED Lighting up-grade (Northeast)
    09/2009 to 04/2010
    Construction Foreman / Manager for Angle Tower Corp. - Decommissioning of
    the existing lighting system and installation of an upgraded LED lighting system.

 Receive a certificate from Flashtech (the lighting manufacture) after
completing the Installation Course.
 Minimize tower lighting down time.
 Test new light system with AT&T National Operations Center to verify
immediate alarming due to light failure.
 Keep a Daily, up to date, and site specific safety log.


  • Vertical USA (Northeast)
    01/2010 to 05/2010
    Construction Foreman / Manager for Angle Tower Corp. - Erect communication
    towers, guyed and self-supporting. Install LED lighting systems.

 Receive and unload tower/material utilizing all terrain fork lifts.
 Inventory and assemble towers on site.
 Observe all lifts to assure proper rigging and Working Load Limits are
 Keep a Daily, up to date, and site specific safety log.


  • Tower Tech Solutions (Nationwide)
    06/2010 to 06/2011
    Owner / Construction Manager – Interface with customers. Provide
    support to crews by handling logistics, close-out packets, and coordinating
    construction schedule. Begin and implement safety program.
     Supervised the activities of employees involved in tower
    construction and co-locates.
     Recruit, train, and motivate competent technicians
     Review and interpret plans, blueprints, and site layouts.
     Provide COI for each new site or customer.
     Participate during all construction ensuring safety and quality was
    at the forefront.


  • AT&T LTE Tiger-team (Southeast)
    06/2011 to 04/2012
    Field Construction Manager for Gemini Power Systems – Managed
    multiple crews clearing alarms in the Tampa, FL., market.
     Visit sites that were in alarm, correcting the issues.
     Digitally supply reports of corrective actions.
     Coordinate crews to be geologically efficient throughout day.
     Track man hours per site and submit for billing.


  • Sprint Network Vision (Chicago)
    04/2012 to 07/2013
    Field Construction Manager for Overland Contracting Inc. – Managed
    multiple crews installing the Sprint 4G upgrade throughout the
    Chicagoland Market.
     Conduct pre-construction walks with GC identifying any
    constructability issues.
     Schedule construction to achieve forecasted date of competition
    provided to customer.
     Ensure GC has all material necessary before construction start
     Be present during construction complete date, visually verifying a
    quality installation, having any issues addressed.
     Reviewed Close-out docs confirming submission was compliant.
     Visit sites unannounced during construction to audit Safety
    procedures are to standard.


  • Google Fiber (Kansas City)
    07/2013 to 12/2014
    Lead Construction Manager for Overland Contracting Inc. – Manage a
    team of Field Auditors verification of fiber installation within the Kansas
    City market.
     Participate in establishing an auditing system to report construction
    progress to customer.
     Report constructability concerns to customer.
     Meet with customer and contractor to review verified construction
    and institute future forecasted completion expectations.
     Beta testing the ArcGIS program to supply the customer with a
    “real time” progress outline of construction.


  • Outside Plant Estimator (Kansas City)
    01/2015 to Present
    Outside Plant Construction Estimator for Overland Contracting Inc. –
    Team member of Subject Matter Experts assigned to compose a “Level of
    Effort” tool identifying man hours to complete specific task concerning
    Outside Plant Construction.
     Participate in establishing an estimating tool for OSP construction
    proposals for markets throughout the Nation.
     Researched tasks to provide specifics on personnel requirements as
    well as time frames for completing individual tasks.
     Established Units of Measurements in order to apply specific task
    estimates to multiple sized tasks.
     The Level of Effort tool is utilized throughout the proposal
    process to include pricing, staffing and scheduling.


99’ Army Achievement

00’ Expert Infantryman

01’ Andrews Connector

03’ Northeast Fla. Safety

04’ Comtrain Tower

05’ Anritsu Cert.

06’ Fall Protection

07’ JEA Substation

07’ Northeast Fla. Safety

07’ CPR, First Aid


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